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Review of Michael J. Fox's "Lucky Man" blended with some of my own life experiences.
"Lucky Man" By Michael J. Fox
A Review By MattyMatt

I just finished reading Doc Hollywood's memoir and I got to tell you it was really good. People that know me really well, my family, know that Back To The Future pretty much ruled the VCR in our house for quite some time. I remember trying to find things in the garage to build a time machine. I wanted to be just like Marty, then... Not so much now (Marty, not Mike.) Since I began reading I have tried to explore all kinds of literature. I wasn't a reader anyway and I felt like I had a lot to say myself. Of course I have read Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Tim Sandlin, and Dave Eggers, but I also wanted to read something that moved me about someone's life experience. I myself, want and will write stories about my life that to most wont be that interesting, but to people who know me, it will mean a lot. It will explain how I have kept my depression to my self for many many years out of shame or taking the disease as personal.

I was looking through some memoirs and ran across Michael J. Fox's "Lucky Man". I had to pick it up. At first, mainly because I wanted to hear him talk about Back To The Future and how fame and fortune, and an apparent drinking problem I wasn't aware of was lived through his words. I had heard about him having Parkinson's Disease (P.D.), but didn't know how early in his career he was diagnosed. He had what is call Young Onset P.D. and was had it in his late Twenties. He didn't become public with this disease for almost a decade later. He had medication that could control his symptoms and it really took a toll on him mentally and physically. He struggled with alcoholism and serious depression. His wife finally got him to see a therapist and it changed his life.

Michael was afraid of his disease and how his audience would see him as an actor. When it finally became public he was surprised with the response. People didn't sympathize they empathized. He went on to become the poster boy for P.D. and his family stuck by him the whole way. This is an amazing read about a man that worked night and day, had fame and fortune, a horrible disease that slowly ate away his career, his passion, and is the happiest he has ever been.

This book was an important read for me. Having held on to my secrets of depression and addiction for so long I too felt so much relief by finally letting it out. Not having to hide anymore was a thousand pound load off my shoulders. I began to let people help me, but more importantly, I let me help myself. I was in denial for so long about my depression that I figured it would just go away. When it didnt, I figured I could drink it away. That didn't work so I went on to other things. I thank god for giving me the courage to ask my father for help that I desperately had been rehearsing for years. I am still battling my problems. One day at a time. I believe it will only get better. Lucky Man help affirm that belief.

For anyone reading this that is struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, or whatever, PLEASE find the courage to ask for help. Whether it be an AA group, a therapist, a parent, relative, or a complete stranger. You can even contact me, MattyMatt. I'd be glad to help, we could work together because I still need it. But there is hope. Read "Lucky Man" if you can, and you will believe.
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