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A story about a boy who does not follow directions. 273/300
I glanced up; the shop was called “Magicera and Other Tricks.”
As I entered I heard, “Ah, you must be Ander’s boy, I’ll get you the dragon’s heart. Don’t touch anything, and don’t look at the star!” He then disappeared in back.
The store was a mixture of miscellaneous items, all looking dangerous or at least in some way magical. All of it baffled me.
Then I came upon the star, I couldn’t fathom why I could not look at it. I looked back to see if he was coming, but he was long gone. I turned back to the star; it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Made out of crystal, and polished to perfection. It seemed to pull my eyes into it deeper and deeper; it even seemed to cry, “Look at me!” in a tiny voice. I could feel myself being pulled into the star, my spirit, and soul being sucked out of my body. I tried to fight it, but I could do nothing, it had me. I could feel something else replacing me in my body, all the while I was being pulled into the star. As suddenly as it had started, it was over. I was trapped in the crystal star, and something else was now in my body.
The owner of the shop finally reappeared, and “I” accepted the package. All the while, I was yelling and beating my fists against the crystal star. It was no use; neither of them could hear me. My bodies host left and the owner came over to the crystal star.
“I told you not to look.”
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