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A piece on what it might look like if the devil decides to rant.
"Relax, you'll be fine. Everything is gonna be alright. Just another vacancy filled in my Hell's Manifest."

["Really, is it. Doesn't seem so..."]

"What do you want me to say?"

["How about admitting that you put in this mess for starters. Then declaring yourself that you're the very evil that exists in this world."]

"Hey pal, nobody pointed a gun to your head and told you to follow my wishes. It was all you. I'm just the artist, the Picasso of the underworld, the puppet master in a not-so-masterpiece theater. I only painted the picture in your mind. The rest was all you baby. All you had to do was pull that handle on the door and walk in. And whatever happens after that is not my damn responsibility."

"You humans. You're a breed are pathetic creatures, I swear. Always looking for someone to blame your faults on. Whether it was me, God, your friends or your family, or even some random stranger you've just met on the street. The one person you always exclude, in this God forsaken planet you call Earth, is yourself. You're like a bunch of big babies waiting for your next fix from you're mother's tits, just to get your mouths shut. Well I'm not your big f**king momma, patting your back every time you fall into trouble, telling you that everything will be alright. Don't you worry! You humans have lost the ability to discern between what's good and what's bad. That's why you people became so *vulnerable*, so weak as a race, making my job so much easier to do. Better than those God-fearing folks I tell ya. I mean can you imagine how hard is it for me to trip one of those guys."

"None of you is brave enough to earn up to their own actions. Wanna know why? Cause deep inside you're as ugly as my physical appearance. The very thought of it frightens your very existence as a ordinary, normal human being. And if you saw yourselves for whom you really are, you'd probably grab the nearest sharp metal object and start slashing yourselves. But what's keeping you from going all Freddie Kruger on yourselves is the delusions and fantasies you're hanging on to. Convincing yourselves that you're good, you're happy, you're only human. We all make mistakes, we're not perfect, God's with us, we can change, blah blah blah. I heard all that bullshit before, and those banal terms I hear day in and day out. Yes, *REALITY, TRUTH, FAITH*. The very thing which you pathetic people believe you're living in. Well guess what bitches, I'm you're reality and you are my minions. And if I'm going to Hell, then you're coming with me. You can bet your life on it."

"Oh and another thing. Instead of pointing fingers at me like you always do on a regular basis, you should be thanking me. Deep down you wanted what you wanted - the desires, the freedom, the happiness, the satisfaction that you were prohibited from having - I fished it out for you. When you were your own prisoners crying out for help, and I was your advocate posting your bail. Don't I deserve that little thank you for all this. And nothing fancy either. All that mushy mushy, and hugs and kisses crap you humans do nowadays. DISGUSTING!!! Just a simple thank you will do. Buddy, without me you wouldn't be living life the way that it should be lived. So don't have the audacity to cast a blame on me for your sorry ass misfortunes."

"I'm just a voice in your head, not you're will."

"So grow up, get over yourself, for once in your pathetic life, and admit that whatever mess you're in is your own doing, not mine. Capisce!"
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