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by TerryT
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My short detective story
Johnny Hunch has a Hunch

It was 9:36 am as Johnny Hunch sat reading his morning paper
“Looks like there’s been another murder in town” he exclaimed to his attractive blonde assistant – Steve.
Steve looked up from eating his Full English Breakfast – “do they know who did it?” he asked.
“Paper say’s they’ve arrested a man” said Johnny, “but i’ve got a hunch they’ve got the wrong guy.”
Steve sighed “Johnny, you’re hunches are never right”
“Yeah yeah i know, but this time I’ve got a hunch my hunch will be right.”

So off the two of them they drove into town to the church. “It’s got to be Reverend Goodman who did it” declared Johnny Hunch. “He’s the one you’d least suspect – all the evidence suggests it wasn’t him – but i’ve got a hunch.”
So they entered the church.
“You’re under arrest for murder” shouted Johnny upon sight of the Reverend.
“But i don’t know anything about a murder” he replied – “anyway Johnny you know you haven’t been a real police office since that incident in the 80s.”
“I don’t need a piece of paper to say i’m a police office” growled Johnny. “being a police officer is about how you feel inside – and I’ve got a strong hunch I’m a policemen and an even stronger hunch you’re a murderer – you’re coming with me.”

So Johnny Hunch and Steve took Reverend Goodman to the police station. However when they got there they were confronted with some bad news.
“What’s wrong boss?” asked Steve
“The bloomin police have only gone and got a confession out of the wrong guy! I hate it when that happens. They say they’ve got evidence or something as well.”
“That’s a shame” said Steve “maybe your hunch was wrong”
Johnny mumbled something before silently releasing Reverend Goodman. Suddenly he perked up; “I’ve got a hunch my next hunch will be right” he said smiling.
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