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Poem inspired by someone really special to me
Waiting at your door…

Waiting at your door,
Many emotions come,
Waiting for you to open,
Waiting for you to smile

Fears creep up inside,
Slight hopes begin to vanish,
As I hear the footsteps approach the door,
As I see the knob begin to turn

With the sound of the opening door,
Comes the soft whisper of the wind to my soul,
I see your hair shining like the snow,
And your beautiful eyes searching for my own

As possible greetings come to my mind,
Your delicious aroma fills my nose,
Your precious mouth pronounces these words:
“It`s okay, you can come inside”

As the door closes behind us,
The tension slowly wears down,
And your delicate brows make me feel the comfort,
As if I were home talking to my mom

An irresistible desire to come closer to your face,
Makes me step forward and hold your hand,
Then finally five words come to my mind,
I open my mouth and say: “I love you my dear”

As I review in my mind what I just have said,
I see you come closer and hold my other hand,
And your face slowly widens till I can see your smile,
You reach up to my face and gently kiss my cheek

My heart stops for a second,
The air comes in slow breaths,
My mind looks for a reason,
My soul looks for an answer

“Why?” I find myself asking,
A look is all I get,
As you grab my hand tighter,
And answer with a breath:

“Your soul knows the reason; your heart has the answer”

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