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How I feel when someone is missing from my life. Don't know what love is but I know pain.
I wish to be into you,
my vessel of this water,
into the wakes of my soul,
I will learn the lesson harder.
And as I thrust into this world,
to propel myself farther.
Eternally holding my breath,
for without you I am swimming.
The waves of "NO!" crash against my walls,
I want only your sides to save me.
Oh come into the light,
O! source of flame,
I know something holds you very carefully.
I think I know you,
mysterious voice,
you are part of my past.
A long time ago,
something was broken and we all know what it was.
Time heals all wounds but waiting for it is for fools.
The thing that broke originally is no longer allowed here.
Maybe something to learn to,
or maybe a fluke,
but this world is not going down again.
++ I just want a ship to sail me. ++
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