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by Shay
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I used a writing prompt, "I am from," for this short work as an excersize.
                                                                                I Am From

    I am from the mountains of the south land of Appalachia where the sky touches the earth, and people walk in the clouds, but only for a moment in time. Now I stand in the north, where the water is clear and seems to go on for ever. Here in this place of great lakes, the snow sparkles like tiny diamonds that dance on the wind, covering everything in white beauty, yet seem like it will never end. 

    I am from a family whose love and anger both burn intense as the sun in the desert, and who devour life in huge bites, sometimes to big to swallow. I am from people who have great character and will fight for the cause, but there are a few stains on the family tree names, where branches of character have grown wisdom in matters of loss or shame.

    I am from a time in history that produced the greatest music of any era. When Piedmont blues partnered with jazz, and joyously collided with bebop, boogie woogie, and folk, giving birth to the music called rock and roll. I am from the people who sailed into the mystic with Van Morrison, got tangled up in blues with Bob Dylan, as we loved the Grateful Dead. I am from the end of a generation called the boomers, who remember Wood Stock, Wavy Gravy and all the people the Hog Farmers fed.

    I am from the earth and sky where the spirit dwells before or after walking the earth. I am from an omniscient God who exists in all things, but is still a part of me. I am a gypsy soul, on a journey through life, and death, and life. I am on my way to a spectral cosmos, where the essence of my being first began its’ exodus.                   
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