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by Quan
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Failed relationship with a lover
"No matter what I did I was always there for him. How could he treat me this way? I put a lot of stuff on hold in my life to be with him." Those were the thoughts of Veronica who was packing her things preparing to move out her boyfriends house. In the middle of packing Veronica got a phone call.

Veronica: Hello

*it was her boyfriend Ray*

Ray: Veronica we have to talk

Veronica: No we don't I think you have said everything you needed to say to me I'm done with this relationship, I don't need this anymore. I put up with way too much to be treated like this.

Ray: It was a mistake, I didn't mean to do it. One thing led to another and before I knew it we woke up the next morning together in the bed. I didn't want you to come home and catch me and her in the bed together.

Veronica: Why was she even here? Ray you have hurt me for the last time, I have never been so humiliated in my life. I loved you and you used that to your advantage. Every time you hurt me I always come back to you and try to make it work, but it can't work anymore.

Ray: Veronica, listen to yourself, don't do this to me. Just calm down and I'm coming home so we can talk about it.

Veronica: Are you even listening to me? I'm done this time. I can never truly better myself if I don't move away from you and find myself. I don't need you to be with me for me to be happy.

Ray: I said I was sorry, Veronica, what else do you want me to do?

Veronica: I want you to let me go and leave me alone. I been with you for over 7 years Ray, and you threw all that away for one night of pleasure. What did I do to deserve this? I was your backbone, I held you down through whatever, I was by your side when you were in the hospital on life support, so you don't keep telling me your sorry Ray.

Ray: But I am sorry it's just that your never here with me and when you are your always tired, I'm a man I need something to relieve my sexual frustrations.

Veronica: That's suppose to make it ok. I work tryna help you keep this house your mother left you. But you didnt appreciate that, so from here on out I don't care what you do, I will always love you, but there ain't no us anymore. I won't even go through the trouble of trying to get the money back I put in this house, so I will just take it as a loss, but I'm done with you.

Ray: You just leaving me like that? Your not gonna try to work it out with me even after all we been through?

Veronica: if I keep being stupid, and keep working it out with you then your gonna feel like it's ok to continue hurting me and your not going to hurt me anymore. I can't even allow you to do that because then I'm not a real woman.


Veronica: Bye Ray, your key is on the bed as well as the ring you gave me.

*Veronica hung up the phone and finished packing. By the time Ray got there Veronica was gone and he found the key and ring on the bed just where she said she would leave it.*

** Never take the best thing you got for granted or you might lose it.**
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