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Do you have a memmory of all you want to do? Why or why not
With a memory problem, I have become more attuned to writing things down.  I’ve tried this all my life, not being very successful.  I probably have 10 planning books around the house; books I’ve lost and only partially filled out.  I now have one I carry with me.  Its one I think about and carry on my heart.  Having a purpose and carrying it with you is very important.  I don’t have forever to do things.  Realistically, I only have today.

Purpose comes from thought.  I have always deemed myself a writer.  How many great thoughts have I had that I never wrote down—Not even a note to remind myself?  They are legion, too many to count.  Great thoughts often come when you’re out doing something.  A lot of my thoughts are about growing, because growing a garden and other things have become important to me.

The more I grow, literally and figuratively, the more thoughts I have.  Ah, but here the rub that nobody talks about.  You have to act on those thoughts.  We don’t lack greatness because nobody has thought about it.  We lack greatness in our world because few have put these thoughts into action.  Of course, individuals are the ones who start action, but it seldom ends there.  If the idea is truly great and appropriate for the time, people will come along side to help you.

Thousands of sticky notes lost under piles under the table are gone now.  I carry my purposes and my journal of thoughts with me all the time.  That only happens when you have a change of heart.  Your purpose many only be written in part, but will come to you as you think and dream….  Even without a memory problem, you need to write down the wishes of the heart.
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