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by TerryT
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The first chapter of my romance book Felicity's Fire
Chapter 1 – An intriguing evening

Felicity was bored. She was at one of those really boring black tie parties that she never really liked. The room was full of really boring people talking about the stock exchange and other boring things. “I’m going home soon” she thought to herself. Then suddenly she changed her mind. Over in the corner of the room she spotted someone – someone she’d never met before.
The man she had spotted was called Demetri Strongman! A strong, handsome, dark haired, scholar, (who had dabbled in a bit of student radio on the side). Suddenly her eyes caught his and he began to walk over towards her. (Well, she couldn’t be sure if he was aiming for her or the tray of mini-pizza’s beside her.)
“So what’s your name?” asked Demetri with a mouthful of Pepperoni Supreme.
Felicity blushed and told him. Then the pair talked for ages. Demetri told her all about his multiple radio awards and she was very impressed. “What an amazing man” she thought to herself.
“Do you want to get out of here?” Demetri suddenly asked with a mouthful of mini Scotch Egg.
“I’m hungry, hungry for something that this mere party food just can’t satisfy. I have a hunger for something much much more meaningful.”
“Ok let’s leave” said Felicity excitedly as the pair headed for the door.
“This wasn’t quite what I had in mind” said Felicity 20 minutes later.
“Hang on, I’ll be with you in a minute” said Demetri as he poured extra chilli sauce on his 3 meat donner kebab.
“I thought your hunger was a euphemism for something else?” she muttered
“For what?” he asked whilst trying to pick out all the tomatoes from his kebab
“Come back to mine and I’ll surprise you” she whispered in his ear.
So Demetri left his kebab and the two of them walked home. Her mind was racing with all the things she wanted to do to him when they got home.
His mind was racing too; “I hope the surprise is some kind of lasagne” he thought.
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