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A poem - you might say, inspired by Tom Petty, the rockstar.
On this planet, particularly in America today,
The future remains tied to the principles of yesterday –
Our choices and quality of life imply logical temperament,
As the daily forecast bleeds us of tolerance,
Echoing the prosperity and joys of the now-too-distant past.

For examples of this faint-heartedness and misguided trust,
Peruse, and acknowledge, the following:

Who we are is who we choose as friends,
Who we wish our friends were,
And those whom we regretted having as friends…

Who we are is the work that we do,
The work we wish we did for a living,
And the jobs we regretted doing…

And finally, who we are is who we slept with,
Who we wish we had slept with,
And those partners we regretted having sex with…

For those countless sad and down-and-out folks,
An American revival depends on
Making better choices,
Having more experiences to draw from,
And staying positive and open to change. 
And with old age creeping in,
It’s a duty we can all accept and deal with
In this proud and beautiful land…

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