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He who calls himself your friend may only have his best interests at heart.
Unusual Proposal

         Aaron and Steve were high school buddies and the best of friends.  When Steve and Elaine got married Aaron was his best man.  When Aaron was in financial need, Steve bailed him out.  To stay close, Aaron purchased a condo in the same building as Steve and Elaine.

         Steve was always the stable partner of the two; Aaron was always the risk taker, the gambler and hot head. 

         Elaine was a volunteer instructor at a local high school adult learning center and taught English three nights a week.  On Thursday nights, the guys would meet at a local adult bar and watch the girls gyrate around the poles.  If Aaron was lucky, Steve would go home alone.  Elaine never knew about Steve’s little Thursday night secret because he always made it home before her. 

         On this particular night Aaron was going crazy over one of the dancers and she was flirting with the two of them.  She seemed to have a fixation on Steve and was only putting up with Aaron’s antics.  Both men were tipping her dollars as she gyrated and twisted her gorgeous body into impossible contortions; wearing only that ‘G’ string and a frilly garter.

         “My name’s Sandy and I would love to give you boys a private dance.”  She was talking to both of them, but looking at Steve.

         Aaron whispered in his ear, “I’m almost out of money, how about you pay and I’ll pay you back, we can both go back there?”

         Steve looked at his watch, it was eight thirty and Elaine would be walking in the door at ten twenty.  Feeling a little tipsy from his last drink he thought, ‘what the hell?’ “Sure, sweetie, why not?”

         Sandy slipped off the stage and took Steve’s hand, Aaron led the way to the back room; a place he had spent a lot of time in and spent almost all his money.  Steve on the other hand had never been back there and was having second thoughts on his decision.

         His friend had already disappeared through the black velvet drapes.  Sandy held them open and Steve thought, ‘I should never have agreed, this is a mistake,’ as he cautiously entered this very dark room with this very loud, slow, grinding music. 

         He saw Aaron was seated in a love seat under a small spot light and Steve watched Sandy walk up to him and ‘G’ string had magically disappeared.  She stopped and looked into his eyes.  “Remember, No Touching, You Touch Me and Zack comes in and throws you out the back door!  Understood?” 

         Aaron smiled at her and acknowledged with a shake of his head.  She held out her hand to him, “Twenty bucks for five minutes!”  He looked past her at Steve with an expectant expression. 

         Steve held up a twenty dollar bill, “I got this!” 

         She reached behind her back and he put the bill in her hand, she tucked it into the garter.  Then she turned and sat in his lap, twisting and grinding her hips into him, leaning back and rubbing the length of her body against his, all to the grinding beat of that never ending music. 

         Steve watched her turn his friend into a dribbling fool.  His hands kept moving, floating over her, he wanted so much to touch her and was deathly afraid to.  She got up and kneeled down, facing him, straddling his hips, she held his hands over his head and pressed her body against his, his face was half buried between her breasts. 

         Somehow she seemed to know exactly when the five minutes were up because she just straightened up and go up off of him.  She turned to Steve and ran her hand down his shirt to his bulging britches.  “Now you handsome!”

         Steve’s decency and conscience gripped him and he stepped back a half step.  He held up two twenty-dollar bills and handed them to her.  “Give him two more rides!”  He held up his left hand showing her his ring.  “I’m married and this was a bit over the edge for me.”  She seemed disappointed but took the money and proceeded to annihilate what was left of Aaron.

         Steve walked the ten blocks back to their apartment; he took a shower and rolled into bed just before hearing Elaine unlock the front door.  She never knew the reason behind her husband’s passion that night, she never asked either. 

* * *

         Friday morning Steve took a long shower and dressed for the office.  As was his routine, he stopped by Aaron’s apartment and knocked at the door.  He heard a muffled ‘come in’ and heard the door unlock.  Steve pushed his way in and found his friend in jockey shorts; he had two black eyes, dark bruises on his ribs and two skinned knees.  “What the hell happened?”

“I touched her!”  He smiled showing a missing front tooth.

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