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Megan and Jennifer see their gypsy friends again.
"Leave those women alone! You men have work to do. I won't have you force your affections on these two. Get to work!" Manolito's mother had a stern voice. "Manolito. Do you want to be turned into a wolf like your father?"

Megan glanced at the middle age beautiful raven haired woman. Manolito's mother to the rescue. Manolito stopped kising Megan and Calin stopped kissing Jennifer.

"No, mother. Calin and I won't hurt these women. We would like to claim them for our wives." Manolito looked like a boy who was in trouble.WIVES! JENNIFER HAD TO LAUGH OUT LOUD. MARRIAGE WASN'T HER THING ESPECIALLY WITH CALIN. BRADLEY, MAYBE BUT CALIN?

"Wives? They don't want you. They are women of class. Manolito, Calin. We are spending the night. Let's set up camp!" Everyone got out of the caravans and started getting ready to spend the night.

The woman walked up to Megan and Jennifer. She held out her hand. "I am Zalita. I don't think we met the last time we were here." She smiled. Megan and Jennifer shook hands with her the beautiful woman. Manolito got her smile from her.

"Thank you for coming. My friends wanted to go home to the future." Megan was in awe of the woman.

"I usually do the spells but Manolito is the one you summoned so I thought he should do the spell." Zalita was a woman to be respected. "You two may come back tomorrow night. If you want Manolito or Jennifer wants Calin, I have no problems with that. I don't like to see men force themselves on women. Like my husband. I like him better as a wolf."

Megan and Jennifer smiled. "We will see you tommorrow night." Megan smiled as did Jennifer. They liked Zalita. She would keep the guys in line.

Megan and Jennifer walked back to the house. "I see we have a friend in Zalita. I think I will ask her to keep Calin away from Bradley and me. I can't believe those two start kissing us and molesting us."

"You know we like the attention but we do have boyfriends." Megan smiled.

"You have a husband and two boyfriends!" Jennifer reminded her.

"Hey! Remember Damon hasn't been born, yet."

"Got ya. I guess we will visit the gypsy boys tomorrow night." Jennifer giggled.

"With our men being in London, we might as well."

"Where are we going? Are you are going to the barn?"

"Yes, I am. I want to see my goat." Megan opened up the barn door and the little brown and white goat she befriended ran up to her. She hugged it and sat down and it sat on her lap and licked her face.

Jennifer laughed. "Are you going to let Manolito or Miles do that to you?"

"Miles, yes. Manolito, well he does look like Johnny Depp." Megan started singing Mamma Mia. "My, my, how can I resist him? " Jennifer threw straw at her.

Megan petted the goat some more. "Megan, do you think we will ever go home?"

"I don't know. If it wasn't for Miles and Manolito, I would bring Damon to the past but he wouldn't like it here."

"Life is different here. I get to smoke, make love and drink liquor but I don't have my two stinky jobs to worry about."

"I know. I don't miss my job but some of the people were nice. I miss my family." Megan looked at the goat and he was sleeping. She picked up the goat and put him in his pen. She gave him fresh oats and water. Bill would give him more fresh water tomorrow and check his food.

"Why don't we go see Jane tomorrow?" Megan asked.

"Sounds like a good idea." Jennifer was always happy to see Jane.

Megan and Jennifer went to the house and told Vicki and Bill that they were going to see Jane tomorrow. Bill offered to take them in the carriage. Vicki was making a strawberry pie. She loved to cook and bake.

Megan and Jennifer went to their rooms as it was getting late. Megan fell asleep and dreamed of Manolito and his father, the wolf. Manolito kept trying to kiss her and Miles was in the dream and kept challenging Manolito to a duel. They had a duel and the gun fired but Megan woke up. She was upset. She didn't want Manolito or Miles to get killed. She hoped it was just a dream.

Jennifer had a dream of Bradley shooting Calin and Calin went down in a blaze of glory and Jennifer woke up crying. Did she really care that much about Calin?

The next morning, ther women shared their dreams with each other.

"They can't fight a duel. After the gypsies leave, we will never see them again, I hope." Jennifer said.

"I know but we will see them again if we decide to go home. If they die, it will be all our fault. Zalita won't let it happen. I am sure she has powers to prevent this." Megan looked hopeful.

"We won't let those gypsies kiss us. We will keep them away from Miles and Bradley." Jennifer sounded confident.

The women ate breakfast. Vicki had made bacon and eggs. Megan made some pancakes. At least the gypsies were quiet. Megan looked outside. They were still there. Manolito was fixing a wheel on one of the caravan wagons. After breakfast, Jennifer and Megan helped Vicki clean up.

Megan and Jennifer went to the barn to see the goat. The goat, Jasper was happy to see them. He knocked over a bucket and ran out the door. The door hadn't been latched. Megan and Jennifer chased after him. Megan ran into Manolito and he embraced her.

"Excuse me." She was too close to Manolito. Megan tried to get away from him.

"No excuse needed. Maybe you want to be this close." Manolito started to kiss Megan and Calin walked over to Jennifer.

"Back off! I will get Zalita after you." Jennifer glared at Calin. Calin kept his distance.

Manolito released Megan. He picked up the goat and Jasper had calmed down. "I believe this is yours." Manolito bowed. "Until tonight, my Princess. I love you, my Princess."

Megan hugged Jasper. "I will see you tonight if you promise to behave. If not, I will tell your mother."

Manolito bowed and Megan and Jennifer left.

"Do you believe that? Jasper, you bad goat. I love you but don't take me to Manolito."

"Calin was trying his usual crap. Maybe we should let Miles and Bradley shoot them in a duel."

"Don't say that. We do like them. They do turn us on but we don't love them."

"I know. Sometimes, I wish I didn't like men. You love Johnny Depp and Manolito looks like him so maybe you do love him."

"Jennifer, Manolito is my fantasy. I do like kissing him."

"Bingo." Jennifer laughed. Like she didn't like kissing Calin!

Megan and Jennifer worked on a quilt with Vicki and had vegetable soup for lunch along with turkey sandwiches. They got ready to see Jane..

Bill got the carriage and Megan and Jennifer got in. It was a nice sunny day. It didn't look like rain but they didn't have weather men to tell them when it was going to rain. The trip was short and Bill helped Megan and Jennifer out of the carriage. Bill would be back in a couple of hours to get them.

Megan and Jennifer walked to Jane's house and knocked on the door. Jane opened up the door and hugged them.

"I am glad you are here. I miss you. How are you?" Jane smiled. She asked Nancy to get tea for her guests.

"Jennifer and I went shopping in Bath. Our friends took us."

"It is alright to say suitors." Just then Nancy bought their tea.

Jennifer squeezed lemon in her tea and frowned. TEA WAS BAD NO MATTER WHAT YOU DID SHE THOUGHT.

Megan laughed. She missed her Diet Pepsi.

"Father has a cold and is in his room. I have been writing a new story called Persuasion. A woman calls off her engagement to a Navy man and they meet again and still love each other but he is rude when he sees her again. I will give my story a happy ending."

Jennifer loved the story but she couldn't tell Jane that she had read it and owned the book and it was a movie. She smiled and said: "It sounds like it will be a nice story."

"I hope so." Jane liked to talk about what she was writing. Just then a man with brown slick hair walked in and had a stern expression like Mr. Austen and walked like him. too. "My brother Henry."

Henry smiled. "Nice to meet you ladies." He wasn't handsome but wasn't homely, either.

He came over and shook hands with Megan and Jennifer. "My sister says wonderful things about you two."

The women smiled. "Henry is going to be here for a few days but will be going to Hastings to get North Hanger Abbey published." Jane beemed.

"That is wonderful." Jennifer exclaimed.

"Oh, Jane it will happen." Megan would love to tell Jane that her manuscripts were all published books but she couldn't. Maybe someday they could tell Jane the truth.

Nancy bought in chocolate cupcakes and Jennifer and Megan had to eat some.

"Did you know there is another ball in two weeks at the Finley's? Jane asked.

Megan and Jennifer didn't know that and told Jane that. "I am sure your young suitors will ask you."

"We love balls." Jennifer said. "Bradley and Miles bought us new dresses and maybe that is why they insisted we buy new dresses."

"Hopefully, it will be just dancing next time. What with Mr. Trumble having a heart attack and you two saving him, the goat running into father and him falling in the cake and the punch you threw on the girl for kissing your man, well, I love being around you two." Jane laughed. Jennifer and Megan were glad they could make Jane laugh.

Bill arrived and the women promised to see Jane next week. They loved Jane. Megan and Jennifer got in the carriage and went back to Vicki's. As they got out of the carriage, Manolito and Calin were near by and bowed to them. Secretly, the women loved the attention. They looked forward to seeing then tonight.

Another Jane Austen Painting by best friend Angel.
Neat Poser of Megan getting a book gift from Jane Austen.
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