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A human wakes up and salute the sun with different emotions every mornig. His mood may change day by day or in day long.

Let's give an example, for instance some nights I can't sleep well the reason why I don't know. That's why, I wake up very nervous and unpleasant way. I start the day with no smile on my face. After a while, suddenly I see a friend whom I haven't seen for months or I get a phone call from my friends with great news. That makes me happy, the way of my daystarts to turn from negative to positive. Then some datas are wrong in my report which I publish daily makes me sad.

I live my day with various emotions. Some of then are positive, rest of them are negative. It is like vawes in a sea. My mood is not stable, always unsteady. This situation.

On the other hand, it feels myself that I am alive. As all we know life and humans are not perfect. We are effected by alot of external effects within the same day. These effects reflect to our inside and emotions. It is up tp you to be effected by events more and lessand turn from negative to positive.

In conlusion, life goes on and every minute does not bring to people good news. Sometimes, life shows its bitter face. All thing we should learn is being calm and stable. Unless, life hurts muc more.
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