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A portion from a science fiction piece I haven't finished about sabateurs in a rebel army.
“There's something familiar about this whole setup...” Amy said, more to herself than to me.  The power array did seem familiar, but we'd worked on so many it seemed like that shouldn't surprise us.  Then again, it didn't seem familiar in the sense that we had actually worked on one before...

Pushing these thoughts aside, I removed the last conductor cap from the interior of the leg I had been dismantling.  The best way to disable any power array was to remove these small, black disks – the power source was still there, but the power couldn't go anywhere.  It was also nearly impossible to find on a diagnostics scan...that is, it Jarem's henchmen hadn't figured the tactic out yet.  But maniacs who wage wars to try to conquer the world don't tend to have very stringent hiring practices.  Of course, Jarem was winning the war...

“That's the last of them,” I said to Amy.  She nodded to me, still looking at the tech. 
“You clean up here,” she said. “I'm going to go look some things up.  Meet you back at the warehouse.”

She had already crawled out of the three-foot-high crawspace we had dug to sneak down here and screw over Jarem's men, so I didn't get to respond.  I put the legs back together as quickly as I could, then hurried out – it's bad if you get caught, but worse if you get caught alone.

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