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A poem written to express my feelings at a low point in my life. Still a work in progress.
I lost my way,
Though maybe today
By God’s grace I will find it. 
Though my obedience be rare
His hand gently guides
Me To His side. 

In His loving embrace
He whispers forgiveness
Hope and grace
In this time that we share
He teaches me His love and care. 

I lost my way
With his blessing today
I am home. 
Though the path is not clear
He whispers in my ear
Of His Love for me. 
Though far I did roam
He welcomes me home
My heart open wide
I kneel at His side
His arms around me
He lovingly guides
As the prodigal son returns.

Praise be to He
Whose love focused on me
And paid my terrible debt. 
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