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Observe the kindness and bravery of a special cluricaun sent on a journey.
Galgion’s Quest

Everything was occurring as usual in the small leprechaun city of Ordious. This enchanted place was situated in the middle large forest atop a tall mountain. It was a sight to behold with the sun shining its rays that sparkled like an emerald. A large rainbow encircled the top of the mountain like a halo. The streets were paved with gold and had lampposts decked with precious stones. These lampposts had magical blue flames that burned at night like the hue of lightning. Everyone in this city was well off and all the inhabitants were jolly and social. All things were perfect; except one lonely shunned soul. His name was Galgion. Galgion was a cluricaun of about twenty-one. Everyone’s prejudice of him was unfounded however for he did none of the despicable things that the typical cluricauns did like being lazy or getting drunk all the time. It was on one morning that something special would happen to this unfortunate creature.

Galgion got up very early in the day while it was still dark. It was his habit to go on the outskirts of the city into the surrounding forest area to escape the disdainful looks and coldness of the leprechauns.

“Oh, I love trees! It’s so peaceful with the birds singing and the sway of the leaves and branches in the wind.” He sighed. “You forest creatures are so lucky.” He stopped and thought about what he said. “Humph. I hate anything that has to do with luck. Luck is what leprechauns are all about.”

He sat down on a log and lowered his eyes. He remembered his earliest memories like when he was made fun of for his pinkish nose by the other children or when he played by himself.

He stood and heard a faint voice. It sounded like a human’s voice. It was of an older one too. Galgion followed the voice until he saw a gaunt man crawling on his knees in rags.

“Help me please.” He said in a tired raspy voice. “I haven’t eaten in a week”

Galgion was moved with compassion. This tormented soul reminded him of his own self.

“Stay here. I’ll come back with some food and good clothing.”

He ran to his small shack and got some left over broiled fish and some honey comb as well as his only other tunic then quickly returned to the old man. He ate it in haste and went behind a tree and changed into the tunic. He came out from behind the tree and his whole countenance and persona changed. Instead of his old desperate eyes were now peaceful and had the glisten of intelligence in them.

“Blessed are you Galgion for your good deed towards me.”

“What kind of human are you? How do you know my name?” he said.

“I am called Far Gorta, the Man of hunger. All who show me kindness are rewarded with a blessing. I will grant you great fortune wherever you go. You will also have your deepest desire granted. You shall no longer be spurned and oppressed by those around you. However you must leave your native city and go on a journey to a place you will discover. There you will be accepted and loved for who you are. As you travel you will bless and be blessed by companions. The reason you must go on this quest is to likewise rescue others in need of help like how I helped you giving you a blessing. There are a few tasks you must complete. Take this bronze compass. It will direct you to where you must go. This is where I leave you.”

The man turned around and entered an opening in a grove. Galgion followed after him but he had vanished. The baffled cluricaun looked at the compass that pointed south, the way down from the mountain. He thought to himself about what had just happened. Who was this man? Was he just some crazy human? But how did this Far Gorta know his name and all that he spoke concerning himself. What have I got to lose? I’ll do it! Before leaving the mountain he returned to Ordious to pack essentials quite hastily then began his way south. No one had ever left the city or even the mountain.

His heart raced with a mixture of fear and excitement as he breathed heavily through his mouth, climbing over logs, dodging trees and jumping over ditches. Being so small made it especially hard to avoid these obstacles. His legs were aching and he was panting in shallow breaths. He looked at the compass and was anxious to continue his descent. Running had become too hard so he walked a steady pace. Ten minutes later he came to the edge of the forest area and saw something he had never beheld before. It was a beautiful expanse of water that looked like it went on forever. He smiled with tears in his eyes. It was overwhelming. As he walked towards the edge of the water he stopped and hid behind a tree. There was a crying human that Galgion Assumed to be no older then himself. The human was crying into his hands sitting in a large elongated wooden structure that floated on the water. In his heart Galgion sensed that he was harmless. Galgion was filled with compassion. He carefully made his way to the human trying not to startle him. He could hear the human speaking to himself as he wept.

“Oh, father. Why! I told you she was real. How come you didn’t listen! But who would believe such a thing anyway. One might as believe in leprechauns.”

Galgion spoke to the young person with a gentle voice. “Excuse me, but why are you crying. Don’t be scared I won’t hurt you.”

“Wha…what are you? What do you want? How did you find me?”

“My name is Galgion and I’m a cluricaun. You might compare me with a leprechaun. Why are you so sad?”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Galgion. I found you by accident. I come from a leprechaun city called Ordious up the mountain. A peculiar old man told me that I would be blessed if I first took a journey. Somehow I sense that you are part of my journey. Now what is your situation like I asked?”

“I am Trophimus. My father and I found an Island by accident. A small group of native women who somehow spoke English told us to leave saying it was haunted by the Lianhan Shee . They said that this being had magical controlling powers over the men, enslaving their minds. I believed then but my father didn’t. He chose to explore the island but I told him I would wait for him to see if there really was some magical woman further inland. After two days I reluctantly went after him. Then one of the female natives said that he had been captured and enslaved by the powers of the Lianhan Shee. She took me to a low cliff overlooking a temple of some sort and an angelically beautiful women sitting on a thrown with hundreds of men building the structure and worshiping her. I was horrified to see my father bowing down to her. I could do nothing. The natives told me to leave at once saying that my father probably informed her of my whereabouts and that she would send men after me. I was heartbroken.”

Galgion’s compass was pointing toward the sea. Having no other way he knew once more that he must use Trophimus’ boat to continue. He also believed that saving this human’s father was part of his quest but he didn’t know how to save him.

“I believe I can help you. Let us return to the island and free your dad and maybe even the rest of the men.”

“How will we do that?”

“Trust me. After all I am related to leprechauns. We’re blessed with good fortune and it must be of some help.”

“I don’t know. For my father’s sake I’ll agree to go there with you. Perhaps having you along will help. If the Lianhan Shee is real then maybe leprechaun luck is too.”

Galgion entered the boat and they immediately set sail and headed in the direction of the compass. They eventually sailed into an expanse of water full of boats that were ship wrecked. The full moon was eerie and covered with dark clouds. It was like a ship graveyard. Suddenly a faint cry was heard. Both of the passengers looked around them but could see no one. Minutes later they saw a man waving his arms in the dilapidated ruins of a ship.

“Over here!” the man cried.

Trophimus turned towards the boat. When they were in reach they set a wooden plank across to the man’s vessel and received him.

“Thank you strangers for saving me! I thought I would never see another human again. I’m Gordon.” He looked at Galgion and was speechless.

“This is Galgion. Believe it or not he’s a leprechaun.”

“Cluricaun you mean,” Said the offended being.

“I wouldn’t believe that if I hadn’t have just experienced. Do you believe in mermaids?”

“You’ve seen a mermaid? Do you have any proof?” said Trophimus.

“I’d bring you to one if there wasn’t any danger.” The stranger said shivering in the cold and having frightened glassy eyes. “My captain was an explorer and he and my crew found this cursed place. We all started to hear singing and were dumbfounded. My intuition told us to leave but the singing was hypnotic, controlling even. We sailed until we saw a one, scales and all. For some reason I was the only one who knew the whole story about mermaids or female merrows and how they bring swift death to those who are lured to her. My captain and crew were too enthralled to heed my warning and I was the only one who took warning and hid bellow in the cabin. I closed the door and covered my ears. After about half an hour I felt the ship swerve and tossed about by the waves. I removed my hands from my ears then heard screaming from my men on the deck and saw them washed overboard through a small cabin window. I heard the mass and sail being broken to pieces from bellow. Soon the squall abated and all was still. I went on deck and saw the whole ship in ruins, unable to sail and trapped in this evil place of sea vessel skeletons.”

“I don’t doubt your story but there’s more to the legend of the merrow. He who takes her cloak or hat will cause her to fall desperately in love with the taker and form legs and will live on land with this male human. She will be completely at the will of the man. If she finds her cloak or hat and puts it on she will return to the sea and abandon him. “Said Galgion.

“Are you implying we take her cloak and cap?”, Said Gordon. “How?”

“Simple. We don’t listen to her singing.”

Both humans were confused. “Seaweed. We fill our ears with seaweed.” Said Galgion.

“Will that work” Both men said at the same time.

“Can’t we just use cloth?”Trophimus asked plainly.

“The power she has is tied to the elements of the sea. In order for you to be taken by her, she must gaze into your eyes. You survived because you went below deck not because you covered your ears. Her sweet siren song would have penetrated your hands. Seaweed is part of the ocean and its power.”

“Okay. It sounds like it could work. I’ll direct you to the rock ledge we saw her on. One question. Which of us two will claim her as wife and slave?” Said Gordon.

“She’s all yours my friend”, Trophimus responded. “Don’t worry you can return her attire when we’re done.”

The trio sailed slowly avoiding the floating wreckage. The mist grew thicker and it made all three of their stomachs turn sour with fear. Twinges of anxiety pangs pierced their chests. At last they began to hear something.

“It’s one of them, it has to be! “

“Calm down Gordon.” Despite his instruction, Trophimus was scared himself and looked away from Gordon trying to hide the fear of the unknown in his eyes while struggling to keep the trembling in his voice from him as well. “It’s probably best to start plugging our ears my friends.”

Galgion spotted some seaweed about twenty feet away. When they approached it Trophimus let down a fishing line and hoisted up some weed collected around a large hook. All three of them contorted their faces at the thought of putting it in their ears but it was the only way. With the seaweed in their ears they started to make out the form of a woman on a jagged rocky protrusion in the water. When they came near to her the saw she was beautiful. She sung with her mouth but they heard nothing. When they were in jumping range Gordon leapt towards her and grabbed her hat. In minutes she grew legs and she embraced him and they all took out the weeds. “Who are you my love?” She said with onyx black eyes.

He didn’t respond to her gentle voice or comment on her beauty. She was disarmed and soon she would be given her cap after they had rescued Trophimus’ father.

They followed the compass to a sea area free of mist and floating debris. They all took in deep breaths of the cool fresh air mingled with the spray of the salty sea. Galgion scanned the waters for land every so often. It was at twilight that he saw the formation of trees in the fleeting sun.

“Land ho!” he said. “Gordon is that the island?”

“I think so” he replied.

“It has to be. My compass points directly toward it”

About an hour passed before they reached the beach and dropped anchor. After they went down a rope ladder on the ground they were met be the women natives. One woman speaking English who recognized Gordon addressed him.

“Why have you come back and brought more men here?”

Galgion spoke up. “I am no man, I am a cluricaun.”

“Really? You’re similar to a leprechaun. I’ve never seen one. Who’s this woman?” the female native asked.

“She’s a transformed mermaid. I wouldn’t try to get to know her. She’s here temporarily”

While they were talking, Trophimus was lost in thought about their situation and all that had happened. Somehow his mind stumbled onto an epiphany about how they would rescue his father and the rest of the men. It was Galgion. He was not a man at all. He was also related to magical or lucky beings. Perhaps the Lianhan Shee would have no effect on him.

“Every one, listen I think I’ve realized something! Galgion, is it true that leprechauns are gifted with some sort of luck or magic?”

“Yes. But I’m no leprechaun remember?” Then his eyes lit up and he tilted his head. “The old man told me He had given me a blessing.” He straightened his body and ardent determination lit up in his eyes. “I’ll do it. I’ll confront the Lianhan Shee! This must be what the old man was talking about. He said that I would bless others the way he blessed me.”

Then, as though some strange force was reacting to his presence, it started to rain. Nothing could deter him. He left in a brown hooded cloak into the foliage guided by the English speaking woman who listened to all that was said. Galgion was fearlessly bold and planned to approach her openly, face to face. He emerged from the foliage walking at a normal pace and immediately the cursed Lianhan Shee stood up from her stone throne and walked slowly with a deceptive graciousness and impudent look on her face. Both of them met at the base of the steps.

“Poor child. Have you lost your parents?”

This was perfect. She had no idea. Now that he was there what was he supposed to do? He had no weapon and he was too small to take her down. He thought impatiently. Not knowing what to do he automatically brought out the compass and looked at it. The evil women stepped back and gasped. “The compass of For Gorta! You’re no child, you’re a cluricaun! Please put it away I can’t stand it! The magical force is too powerful! Put it away put it away. Please!”

“Release the men from your power first!”

“Very well.” A green orb appeared in her hand then all the men came to their senses and Galgion concealed the compass.

“I am immortal and I will have my revenge little one” she said as she vanished in a beam of light. It was done! All the men reunited with their wives and daughters. There were many joyful tears including those of Trophimus when he finally saw his dad. As for Gordon, he continue exploring.

As Gordon planned he gave the merrow her cap back and a stranger’s eyes once again appeared and she ran for the beach and dove in. All the men praised and admired Galgion clapping for him. Gold was later discovered in the mountains of the island and it became a thriving community. Galgion was accepted and loved by those men who he saved. Far Gorta had kept his promise.

Word Count:2,945

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