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by Farooq
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Love is an enigma. Portrays the Loss of love and realising its worth before it is too late
The clear water sparkled in the dark of the night,
Holding the shining blade,
Emotionless, she slashed,
As the crimson line spread,
Her senses began to fail, the past of her life flashed.

She remembered the day she first saw him,
Her world transformed into a beautiful swan,
Roses turned redder, skies deeply blue,
Smiles and joy laced through and through,
The sun lay in her hands, happiness kissed her foot,
Divine love struck at her roots,
Life was a song and nothing could go wrong.

Over time the smiles faded,
the pleasure of love jaded.

Arguments and fights tormented her soul,
Her world sank in a cold dark hole,
Solution there was none in sight,
So scarred and embittered was her psyche.

As the clear water turned carmine,
Her vision blurred, her body turned supine.

In the haze she remembered the happiness they shared
The way he fought for her, and showed he cared.

The pain he felt at her pain,
The way he cried when once, she fell.

He nursed her to health, staying up all night,
His humor lit her heart with a dazzling light.

The gestures he made, the loving smiles,
like unwrapping a box of Turkish delights.

In the avalanche of memories, she realized in a flash,
What was she doing? Ending it with a slash?

Wasn’t the pain worth those moments of true love?
The agony bearable by his magical presence?
His dreamy smile, wasn't it worth living for?

Realizing the rashness of her actions,
She stood, staggering and stumbling ,
To see him again, gave her strength overwhelming.

She ran like a woman possessed,
In the distance she saw him, a forlorn shadow of distress.

She stopped the gushing blood and fell in his arms,
Knowing it will be fine, feeling safe from harm.

Relationships should survive the test of time,
Through thick and thin, storms and tides.

The power of love is strong,
A force that transforms the soul,
Makes us human, makes us whole.
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