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No, in this case, NOT my husband, but for three ove my best writing friends ever!
You know me.
You see clear through me--
my filters have no meaning where you
are concerned.
You love me regardless
of my insecurities, my foibles,
and my honesty.

I trust you with my writing, my soul,
my heart and my mind.
I can tell you anything and know
I will be understood, and cherished for the sharing.

You give and fear not
what I will say in return.
You open yourself to my heart,
opening mine as well.
You let me see you.

I am eclipsed
by what I see in you:
twin mirrors refracting infinity.
I am enriched by the magnitude
of a heart that pumps such depth.

We are but two threads woven together,
added to the life tapestry we share.
We are random raindrops coursing down
on the glass of life
and been renewed in the mingling.
We follow the other's footsteps;
leading the way.
We are two chapters in a well-thumbed book;
two rhymed words in a poem by Robert Frost.

We touch each other's inner chord
and the notes become a symphony.
We soar because
we share the feathers of forever.
We listen to the other's tears
and turn salt into pillars of greatness.
We move in our spheres
and revel in the dance
that allows distance to dissolve.

Together we are able touch the stars.

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