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Ruby The Boxer is a new series and this is the first story: Ruby Gets Lost
Ruby Gets Lost{/center}

Ruby was very bored one day. She is twelve years old, which is eighty-four in human years, very old really. But she is just fed up today so when she is in the garden she notices that the side gate is slightly open. She decides to make her break and take herself off for a nice walk.
Ruby loves the woods and Mark her owner regularly takes her there. He usually puts her in the back of his car and takes her to the woods and then for a nice walk. Anyhow, Ruby has decided that she knows the way and so she wanders off down the road stopping to have a sniff at the lovely smells she finds on her route.
It’s quite a long walk to the woods but she eventually finds it. She looks up and is really pleased with herself;
“Ah great! Here we are!” she says to herself.
She enters into the wood and follows the usual footpath that she goes with her owner. Eventually she comes to a cross in the path and Ruby has a look left and right but she can’t see which was is the way she usually goes. She heads off left and trots along happily sniffing away. Eventually she comes to a part that is very deep in the woods and she realises that she is lost.
“Oh no!” she thinks, “What am I going to do? I don’t know where I am now!”
She starts getting worried and looks around and around.
All of a sudden she hears some rustling in the wood. She looks up and then moves slowly to where the rustling is. There she see’s a short way away a small Jack Russell. Ruby stands still waiting to see what the Jack Russell is going to do. He is busy sniffing where all the other dogs have been, and the foxes and the rabbits.
Suddenly the Jack Russell looks up and sees Ruby. He comes running towards her and Ruby stands perfectly still with the hairs on her back raised to show that she is not to be messed with. Ruby doesn’t want any trouble but if the little Jack Russell spoils for a fight she will give him one!
As the Jack Russell gets up to her he starts to sniff her. He stands there and looks up at her;
“Hello.” Says the Jack Russell.
“Err hello.” Replies Ruby, “Who are you?” she asks him.
“My names Scamp.” Says the Jack Russell, “Do you want to be my friend?” he asks.
“Not really!” says Ruby.
“Oh don’t be like that,” says Scamp, “We all need friends.
Ruby looks down at him standing there. She thinks for a moment and realises that as she is lost maybe this little Jack Russell could help her find her way home.
“Well I suppose I can be friends, after all I am lost.” Ruby says,
“Lost! Ah so that’s why you want to be friends is it, so I can show you where to go? Then you won’t want to be friends anymore.” He says;
“No. Not necessarily, I suppose I could do with some new mates.” She says as she tries to get herself out of a difficult situation.
“Look,” says Scamp, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll show you how to get out of here and introduce you to my owner. She’s a real sucker for a lost dog. If you’re lucky she’ll take you home with us and you can have a snack and some water.”
Ruby thought for a moment and remembered that she hadn’t had any breakfast so a snack sounded good.
“Okay then.” She agreed and she followed Scamp through the woods. In the distance she could hear a lady calling Scamp.
“Is that your owner?” Ruby asked.
“Yes, that’s her.”
Scamp picked up speed and so did Ruby. He was easy to keep up with as he had little legs and Ruby had long ones.
Eventually they caught up with the lady. She was standing on the path with a lead in her hand.
“Come here Scamp, where have you been.”
Scamp ran round her in circles barking for all he was worth.
“I’ve found this lost Boxer dog mum.” He was saying to her but she didn’t seem to understand.
Ruby stood in front of her and put on her lost face. The lady looked at her;
“Hello darling, aren’t you beautiful.” She said putting a hand out to stroke Ruby’s head.
“Of course I’m beautiful!” Ruby thought to herself.
“Are you lost my little darling’” The lady asked.
Ruby gave a small bark to say ‘Yes’ and the lady put the lead on Ruby. She picked Scamp up to carry him and she took them both back to her car.
When they got back to the ladies house she let them both in the door. She gave Scamp and Ruby something to eat then put some water in a dish on the floor for them. They eat a hearty breakfast!
Once Ruby had finished her food the lady called her over and looked at the little name tag on Ruby’s collar.
It read:
“Ruby” and there was a telephone number on there as well.
The lady rang the number.
“Oh hello. Err you don’t know me but my name is Liz. I think I have your dog here.”
“Oh really?” said Mark, “I thought she was in the garden?”
“Well no. I found her at the woods. She made friends with my little Jack Russell and she was obviously lost so I brought her back here and rang you.”
“Oh my goodness,” said Mark, “I better come and pick her up. She must have got out of the garden!”
“Ok well I live at 22 Steppes Close, do you know where that is?” she asked.
“Yes. Give me ten minutes and I’ll be there.”
Mark put the phone down and went straight to his car and drove to Liz’s house.
When he got there Ruby was really excited to see him. Liz asked him in and offered him a coffee.
Then once Mark sat down with Liz Ruby got into Scamp’s basket and went to sleep!
“Oh I’m so sorry!” said Mark, “What a cheek she has sleeping in your dog’s basket, talk about make yourself at home!”
Liz laughed out loud especially as Scamp watched Ruby do it and he went off to Liz’s bedroom with the huff!
So all ended happily for Ruby. Liz and Mark made friends as well and they agreed to walk Ruby and her new found friend Scamp together each day.

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