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"Wishing" Chapter seven~ ouo
"You did what?!" Megan exclaimed as the door was shut and I had plopped down on one of the two queen-sized beds.

I sighed. I hated having to repeat myself. "I told him about our....quest."

"Storm! Why would you do that!" It wasn't a question.

Now I felt like the one getting scolded.

"Truthfully....I don't even know. But there's something about Gordon that I just trust... I can't explain it."

And I left it at that. Because honestly, it was difficult to explain. This thing we were doing was supposed to be top secret, and yet I told a complete stranger the whole entire story five minutes after meeting him. What had gotten into me?

And then I had agreed to let him travel with us...

* * *

Most of the day Monday was spent hanging around the mall with Gordon. Megan seemed nervous at first, but after she started talking to him she was her old bubbly, annoying self again.

Before I knew it, it was Tuesday morning and I was dragging myself out of bed, despite the fact that it was 4:30 AM.

I threw a pillow at Megan instead of bothering to wake her up.

I wore the same shoes that I had when I left, along with jeans and a black t-shirt with a silver star on the front. I brushed my hair back, not bothering to pull it into a ponytail.

Even though Megan had to be exhausted, she looked...excited. I sighed at her childlikeness. We had no idea who "C" was. We could seriously be walking right into our own death trap.

Megan dragged me out of the room, calling a cheerful, "Let's go, Storm!" over her shoulder.

We were a few steps away from the stairs when a feminine voice from behind us called out, "Wait."

I turned around, breaking away from Megan's grip on my wrist. Standing a few feet away, with a smile on her lips, was a tall woman with flowing brunette hair. She looked to be in her early twenties, and was wearing a maroon colored dress with black straps and a black belt. The way she moved towards us... it made me want to take a step back, but I held my ground.

"Are you Storm and Megan?" I noticed the way her lip curled up when she said that, like we were just little children she was left babysitting. She had some sort of familiar foreign accent.

I stayed silent, but put out an arm to stop Megan from taking a step towards her, though I wasn't even looking back to see what Megan would do. I didn't take my eyes off the exotically beautiful woman.

"Depends on who's asking," I said coolly. Well, okay, that gave it away right there.

She flashed a genuine smile, and suddenly the frightening atmosphere was gone. "The name's Cascade, dearest," she said in a sing-songy voice.

Her accent was Italian, I'm sure of it.

"C," I heard Megan gasp under her breath beside me.

Cascade laughed. "Oh, so you got my letter? Lovely! I absolutely adore doves, so I hope you didn't mind my little messenger! If you ask me, it's so much more of a classy way to deliver mail-"

"Cascade," I broke off. She looked at me with childish curiosity, which reminded me of the way Megan's eyes always looked. Except Cascade's eyes were vibrant green, and older, wiser. "You said in your letter we were going to talk about my father."

"Oh!" she exclaimed, as if this had completely slipped her mind. "Yes, yes. Let's go to my room and discuss it there."

* * *

To say Cascade's room made ours look like a dump was a total understatement.

I inwardly gasped as we walked into Room 27, which looked like it could be the Penthouse suite at a grand hotel. How we had walked from the halls of a run-down motel into this luxury bedroom, I had no clue.

I didn't have time to dwell on it. Cascade motioned for Megan and me to sit down on a white velvet couch while she sat in a matching chair across from us. A glass coffee table stood in the middle, with streaming cups of tea on it. Nobody drank it.

"Uh...so..." I glanced at Megan to help me fill the awkward silence.

Cascade clapped her hands excitedly. "Alright! So, Storm, since you've brought Megan with you, I assume that you're going after Le Basso?"

I simply nodded.

"Great! Now, Le Basso's base is located in-"

"Wait, wait," I cut her off again. "What exactly is Le Basso?"

She stared at me as if I was joking. And then she laughed. "Child, did your father tell you nothing?"

"Up until receiving that letter from you, I thought he was an environmentalist."

Cascade stared at me in shock. "Oh...oh my. Then this must be very confusing to you."


She grinned again. "No need to worry! The less you know, the better."

Suddenly Megan cleared her throat. "So, what are we supposed to do, Cascade? Where do we go?"

"Well, you see, Le Basso's base is located in Verona, Italy."

Megan and I gasped at the same time. I think we knew it would be in Italy, but actually hearing somebody say it... it sounded so far away.

"But the first place you need to go is New York City."

"Why New York City?" Megan asked. I decided to let her do the rest of the talking.

"Well, you see... the American base of your father's company is located in New York City, and since you have yet to learn about Le Basso, I deeply suggest you check in to this base first, before heading to Verona."

"What do you mean, the American base?"

"Our company has many different locations in many different countries. Here, Canada, France, Germany... even Italy."

She let the words hang as I tried to imagine my father running such a large company.

"Now now, girls! Your plane leaves in two hours."

"Plane?!" Megan and I shouted together.

Cascade giggled as she walked towards the door, opening it for us. "Yep, that's right! I've already bought your tickets for New York! Everything is settled, darlings. You'll want to take a cab to Toledo, because that's where the plane departs. Just give them my name, Cascade Mye, and you should be able to board the plane with little to no trouble. I'll meet up with you in NYC, alright? Good luck, children!"

And then she practically shoved us out the door.

* * *

Gordon was in no way happy about me calling and waking him up at five AM.

But hey, he was the one who volunteered for this.

As Megan and I got in the cab (which Cascade had already called, and picked us up at the motel) I explained the whole conversation with Cascade to Gordon. Then I asked for directions to his house and told him to be ready in fifteen minutes.

The cab pulled up to Gordon's house, and I watched as he emerged through the mist. It was so foggy out...

Gordon wore light jeans, a blue shirt, and a black sweatshirt. He looked tired, but then again, he had reason. Megan and I had gone to sleep early the night before, knowing what time we had to awake. Gordon wasn't expecting to meet with us until noon, so he probably stayed up late.

"I just hope we don't appear on TV as run-a-way children..." he muttered as the cab drove towards the airport.

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