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Rated: E · Serial · Dark · #1763544
Based on a dream
We walk through this city. It's not like any other city, the buildings are old and have been through dark days in the past. There's this certain morbid charm that keeps drawing the beholder into its fateful arms. The streets are ours, that is me and the rest of the group.

I can't tell why we are here but it doesn't matter at all. All we do is watch and learn. We watch as the gloomy yet also quite beautiful and fascinating ballet that is called “Everyday Life” goes its appointed rounds. “Let's go this way, this part of town seems appealing to me”, I say. But it doesn't end here, we delve deeper and deeper into the pulsating core of the city. Now I start to realize that night is slowly spreading its massive shadows all over the streets. The sky is turning red, what a tremendous sight.

Have we walked too far? When the sun goes down everything seems more threatening. The once sandy-coloured buildings get rid of their masquerade and reveal a deep black exterior. There's a park down the alley, we could rest there for a while. I look at the empty benches and realize that they are not empty at all. She is sitting there! Why is she here? She didn’t come with us.

She is wholly clad in black except for her white trainers. I walk up to her and look into her eyes, neither of us is speaking. I turn around only to discover that the two of us are alone now. All I want to do now is kiss her. I slowly reach out for her lips but she…she backs away. Have I done something wrong? I look at her in despair. We still don’t share a single word. What does that look on her face mean? Then she breaks the awkward situation by slowly moving her head towards mine and gives me an Eskimo nose-rub. She puts on a smile…
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