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A short rant on why I love real men, and why they are the backbone of our society
                                                          Why We Need Real Men by Mara Levina

                                                            Hi, there, I'm a girl...actually a woman.
                                                      A wife, with two kids,in fact, and I'd like to talk about
                                                              My husband, who's a real man.
                                                              What is a real man, you ask?
                                                  He's a good, hardworkin' man, who takes care of his family,
                                                                      No matter what.
                                                  Two jobs to pay the bills? Yep. Barely any sleep to make ends meet? You bet.

                                                      Unfortunately, we are running out of this particular model of men.
                                                  Most start out that way, but then they see music videos, and girls
                                                    goin' nuts over the pretty men with manicures...Manicures? Really?

                                                    So, they get manicures, and highlights, and get in touch with
                                                              their 'inner child'...why? You got kids in front of you that need
                                                clothes, and food, and toys, and cable TV (they can't miss iCarly
                                                              you know)

                                                  So, to all the men who are sensitive, and overly clean, and who like to
                                                              tweet about their feelings...

                                                Please check the contents of your jeans, I think you're missing something
                                                          very important...your MANHOOD!

                                                From a real woman, here's what we really need, ok? Read on, my dear...

                                            Love me, try to be romantic...but poems and flowers everyday? You're
                                                    wasting time with that nonsense when you could be at work? And where
                                              are you gettin' the money? I want a roof over my head, not rhyming words....
                                                            they don't keep me warm at night.

                                            GO TO WORK!  Yes, it might not be your dream job, but if you can actully find one,
                                                  take it and pay your kids' bills. Stop whining, you can achieve your dreams
                                                      while working a real job, women do it ALL THE TIME

                                              I care about your feelings, and I want you to care about mine...
                                                    but unless you have a vagina, you shouldn't know why I have every
                                                little emotion. I'm a girl, with hormones and non-linear thinking. Even if
                                                    you try, you'll NEVER figure us out, get used to it.
                                              I do have guy-friends, and they try, but they can only listen, and as real men,
                                                    they smile and nod like the should.

                                              I have friends to care about everything I feel. Don't you have something better to do?

                                                We want you with dirt under your fingernials, a paycheck, a smile, dirty, but cleanable,
                                                    and to be that strong shelter kind of guy. Tall, short, skinny, fat, we don't care, just do
                                                your job!

                                                In the bedroom, we just want some who can get us to 'that place', with vigor ;) and be
                                                      romantic w/o mushy, please. I love you, but to be honest guys, most moms with kids
                                                want sex in a timely manner, that they enjoy, so they can go on with their errands, I'm
                                                      just sayin'.

                                            Dirty, hardworkin', sometimes funny, always reliable, caring, clueless, messy, strong,
                                      respectful, appreciative men. It's really not that hard, guys. Give it a try; you'll see what I mean.


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