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by TerryT
Rated: · Other · Horror/Scary · #1763594
The start of my horror story
The House of doom

Jack, Tim and Chris always met up after school on Friday and this Friday was no different. What was different about this particular Friday in was that they’d all agreed to spend the night in a haunted house.
“How do we know it’s haunted anyway?” asked Chris as the trio made their way to the outskirts of town.
“I read it on the internet didn’t I” replied Tim
Chris, the unconvinced one, asked “Well what’s it supposed to be haunted by?”
“I dunno do I” said Tim “something scary probably. I hear loads of people have disappeared from there though.”
Chris still looked unconvinced “Well wouldn’t the police have....”
“Shush...look don’t worry about the details like that” Tim quickly replied.
The third boy they were with was Jack – but I wouldn’t bother getting too attached to him.

So the three boys arrived at the scary haunted house and opened the door. It creaked loudly. Obviously.
Chris looked concerned “The lights don’t seem to work?”
“I bet there’s a fuse box in that celler” said Jack “I’ll go and find it”
Both Chris and Tim thought they should probably all stick together but they didn’t bother to say so.
“Shall we wait here for him to get back?” asked Chris
“Nah he’ll find us eventually – lets go and explore!” Said Tim
Suddenly the two boys heard a crashing noise from upstairs.
“Let’s go and see what that was!” said Tim
Chris wasn’t sure why they couldn’t just stay where they were as he reluctantly followed Tim into the darkness up the stairs.
The two climbed the stairs, even Tim was looking nervous now; “It sounds like the noise is coming from that room!”
“Oh yeah I see it” replied Tim “that one over there with the blood stains and scratch marks.”
“Yeah that’s the one!” mumbled Tim as he pulled open the door. It creaked loudly. Obviously.
The boys screamed. Inside the room they saw something so horrific they couldn’t even describe it using words!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1763594-The-House-of-Doom