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My assignment for Ethos, Pathos and Logos. About Jesus.
Hello. I am writing this assignment for The Lenton Adventure. I am a Christian trying to live right and hope everyone makes it to Heaven. I love God and Jesus and I struggled with this lesson. This is what I came up with. I hope you will enjoy reading this as this was hard for me to write.


We know that Jesus was a good moral character. He was perfect. His custom was traveling across the Middle East saving people, healing them, loving them and teaching everyone about love and his father's word. The man had wisdom. He wanted good will for everyone. I liked when he walked on water and when he calmed the storm. His practical skill was beautiful when he healed people. He kept his virtue. He may have loved Mary Magdalene as a woman but he never acted on it. He loved everyone and he didn't pick favorites. Even if you were an evil person, Jesus would love you and forgive you. He wanted to save everyone. He wasn't afraid of people with leprosy. He didn't heal all the people with this disease but he gave them hope, love and promise of heaven. He turned water into wine. He had disciples and they followed him and were like his best friends, protectors and they wanted to help save people. They were part of Jesus' mission to help save others and tell others about God.


Jesus had emotions and feelings. He wept for people who rejected him and God. He prayed for the Roman soldiers who hung him on the cross. He was a patient man but he really lost it when people were using the temple to sell goods and not praying and worshipping. Jesus destroyed the temple. He was angry. I think this is the only time we saw Jesus get angry. Most of us get angry a lot but Jesus was angry that one time. I wish I had Jesus patience for his fellow man. I try and always ask Jesus for his help. He cleansed people of their sins. He rose the dead. He performed so many miracles. This man has quite a resume. It would be great if everyone had a resume like him. He cried and wasn't afraid to express his emotions and disappointment in his fellow men. He had sympathy for others. Jesus is the most loving person the world has ever known. He was baptized by John. Martha set at his feet and loved his stories.. She wanted to be saved and admired Jesus as a teacher and a prophet.

Jesus is the reason for the season. I wander how many people realize that is why we have Christmas. We honor Jesus. We love him. We love Christmas gifts, decorations and that most wonderful, beautiful time of the year but We are celebrating the greatest man ever. It is his birthday. Great Logo: Jesus is the reason for the season! Jesus gave a lot of speeches and a lot of people cared about what he had to say. He knew the world was in trouble and he wanted to save everyone but the Roman soldiers and royalty felt that they didn't need Jesus. What a pity. They missed out on knowing a great man and going to Heaven. Jesus turned the water into wine. Jesus had powers and I don't mean magical powers. He had powers given to him by God. What a great gift! Jesus had great knowledge and he didn't attend school. How great thou art!

As Mary Magdalene, my character. Mary was a prostitute and she was about to be stoned but Jesus protected her and saved her. Mary met Jesus and changed her ways. He healed her of her afflictions of sin. She socialized with others and became friends with Jesus' mother. She interacted with Jesus. She loved him as a man but she knew he had a mission to save people. She was content just to be around with him and admire him. She was special to Jesus but Jesus was here to save mankind. Not fall in love and raise a family. Mary stood by him and was the first to see him after he had risen from the grave. She knew that she had been special to Jesus.

My Viewpoint:
I love reading about Jesus in the New Testament. I am disappointed that Jesus was just given an honorable mention in the world history books. I guess they are afraid that if teachers talk about Jesus for an hour that religion is taking over. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? At least we can study Jesus on our own. Christians know that he is a great man. I go to Church when I can. I worked mid nights and have every other weekend off. I do pray and read devotion books. Right now, I am reading Women Of The Bible along with my daily devotions and I enjoy reading books by Dr. David Jeremiah. Jesus came here to save the world. We know he is coming back someday. I love going to the Catholic Chapel at the Convent near by and seeing statues of Jesus. I feel a greater bond seeing these statues. I love seeing pictures of Jesus carrying a sheep as I am an animal lover. I have a few pictures of Jesus around my house along with a nativity scene in a wooden stable that I keep up all year. I have a Last Supper Magnet on my refrigerator. There is so much I can say about Jesus. I love this Lenton Adventure and reading about Jesus and learning about him. Jesus saves. Another logo that is so true. I am glad Jesus came to earth and I love knowing that Jesus and God are just a prayer away. Jesus Lives! I hope that those who read this love him, too and want to be saved. Jesus is the light, the truth and the way. God Bless.

Beautiful Mary Magdalene and Jesus Poser by best friend Angel
Another beautiful Poser of Mary Magdalene by best friend Angel.
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