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by Kings
Rated: 18+ · Prose · War · #1764190
The ocean water turned red at Normandy beach on the coast of France.

Bloody Shores

On the coast of France in nineteen forty four,
A battle was fought in the second world war.
In landing ships were crammed Allied troops.
Like sardines they attacked in little groups.

The water turned red from the human blood,
Kill or be killed is how the troops odds stood.
German's held the heights on those shores,
The Allies landing their chances were poor.

They were sitting ducks storming the shore.
To gain a foot hold with the gear they wore.
Allies fell as they as they rushed the beach.
The Germans were there with a farther reach.

Eventually they gained a foot hold and held.
The Germans retreated and fought real well.
German tanks were destroyed on the ground.
Allies pushed the rest of them home and down.

BY: Kings
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