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Lois’ mind is racing as she finally has an opportunity to fulfill her desire.
I had been watching the bus driver for several months now.  I knew every inch of the curves of his body and my desire was ever increasing to explore him with more than a touch of my hand.  He was always professional and never did he give any indication that he would be interested in anyone that boarded. However, something kept pulling me toward him.

I was subtle at first only smiling and saying “good morning” and “have a nice evening” on my return trip. I am not sure where the nerve came from to approach him on that fateful Friday.

The week had been exhausting.  Clients were impossible and co-workers were unnerving.  I just wanted to get out of the office and forget the place existed.  The warmth between my legs told me I needed something else to exist soon.  I was tired of using my toys. I needed arms, legs, lips, hands, and a tongue…the works sort-of-speak to calm the heat building inside me.

The heat was unbearable as I waited for the bus to turn the corner.  I could feel the sweat trickling between my breasts and began to envision the feeling as fingers tracing them when the sound of the bus startled me.  Flushed more than from the heat, I boarded, paid my fare, said my customary hello and then realized I could hear my voice still speaking. “So, do you have plans for the weekend or are you working?”  “No not working.” Damn his voice is sexy.  As I turn to find my seat, the bus pulls into traffic. The sudden jostle causes me to fall over on his shoulder.  He never responds to my touch, but electricity sweeps over me.  I look at his chocolate skin wanting to lick his neck.  I mumble excuse me and rush to sit my ass down.

There is one seat left, the back of the bus, right in the middle of the last row.  As I adjust myself I glance up to see his eyes – those eyes – so direct – so intense.  He is staring at me and he doesn’t look away. He knows that I see him looking.  My face catches fire.  The cool of the bus brings me back to myself. My clothes are clinging slightly from the perspiration. I adjust them. He is still watching me.  I can’t help myself.  I reach under my dress revealing more thigh than I need to and adjust my panties.  I smooth my dress and proceed to adjust my bra and breasts. I am careful to let just enough be revealed – enough for him to see.  I lick my lips, sit back, cross my legs and sway to music I hear in my head.

People enter and exit and all the while my thoughts are on quenching my desire.  I need to be fucked – today.  I had not noticed that I had missed my stop and am quite startled when the bus stops and turns off.  I look up trying to determine where the hell I am.  My eyes fall on him.  He is walking toward me.  Something in those eyes causes my heart to race.

Within a matter of moments, he reaches my seat. He roughly pulls me to my feet and kisses me like a man dying of thirst.  He stops long enough to look me in my eyes and then kisses me again, his tongue searching.  I seize his tongue and begin to suck and caress his thickness.  As he pulls me closer I feel another thickness pressing, my flimsy dress.  I can barely breathe.  It is all I can do not to rip his shirt from his body.  I keep restraining myself.  It is as if he knew my thoughts as he whispers, “Do what you feel.”  I can hear moans escaping my lips and tears filling my eyes.  His voice is husky with desire.  I pop every button from his shirt. He reaches up and rips my panties easily.  His fingers urgently searching what is now a mound of moisture before he sucks one and then spreads the rest over my mouth and then kisses it off.  My hand finds its way to the bulge pushing his pants to capacity.  I stroke him over and over enjoying his hardness.  I begin squeezing and I hear him moaning, “Release me”.  I fumble with the zipper and am careful to not get his manhood caught.  The liquid juice flowing from the head of his dick is too much to resist, I have to taste it.  I squirm until he releases his grip of me and I slide down to his throb.  I slowly lick the juice and feel his body tremble. With much effort, I pull the head into my mouth and suck.  His hand grips the back of my head and he slowly pushes his dick further in my mouth.  The strain is too much and I gag.  He pulls out and stands me up long enough to slide down to his knees.  He pulls my dress up and caresses me before parting my lips and gliding his tongue over my wanting clitoris.  I gasp and grab his head and force his face deeper.  He kisses, licks, and sucks me until I am virtually a waterfall of juices.  He continues until I explode in his mouth and fall forward.  With the smoothness of an animal on the prowl, he stands lifting me to his waist.  Our eyes fix as he penetrates my pussy.  I forget where we are and let his fullness take me away. Thrust after thrust, pounding, in and then out, relentlessly beating my pussy. The climax is explosive. We both cry out as we release.  In the next few moments we compose ourselves not exactly sure what to do next. I sit. He bends to kiss me.  He looks into my eyes with those eyes - so direct – so intense.  I know the ride home will never be the same.
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