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by Joan
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Fancy flowers unseen anywhere no DOUBT
AGED trees of all colors blossoming up in GRASSY spots about
Nearby are golden ROCKS that are tiny and large
Three magical frogs play around an imaginary barge
Above the huge old oak tree in the center are dazzling nests
Squirrels of every color and size frolic nearby with their families at rest
Yonder there appears an old WORN unicorn sleeping on the ground

Everything looks grand until a parade of gigantic ants surround
Nuts fly down and surprise the ants which awaken the unicorn
Chattering raccoons appear from the old tree and frighted the spirited beast forlorn
Housed UNDERNEATH the old tree are tiny glittering bugs
Away from the ants is a crooked path that lead to small and tall mugs
Neat rows of brush give way to clusters of treasure chests
Turtles, bright and BLACKENED, marched around these clusters like a test
Eggs decorated by an unknown creature are thrown here and there
Deadened leaves create a hidden hole that goes down to where no one cares

Fires, foxes, and dragons spring up everywhere suddenly set
Over the forest is a giant teddy bear no one could forget
Real stones, gems, and computer parts he CHOSE just to play
Eternal flames come out for him to devour beyond his way
Seven tiny flowers grab the giant bear by his toes
These produce bumblebees that make the forest disappear or magically goes
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