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by Man S
Rated: GC · Fiction · Romance/Love · #1764741
Love is not what it looks. It is sensual and dangerous.

His mind raced with frenzy of hurriedness as the siren honked very close. It was now or never. He did not intend to be a sufferer of injustice of law, after having been gone through what ought to be a paranoiac. He gave a last look to Lucille who lay dead, cold and calm . It had been a hell, a hell that burnt like anything, yet it had to be done. He could not resist the impulse. ‘Bitch’, came a whisper and he turned to rise. He felt something warm in his head which grew so intense he thought he would go dead. And he did. A bullet had hit him.
Five years back on a spring evening, Ron Cox found a day he needed badly. Running around the things that haunted him badly, he needed a break. He went around carrying ‘everyman is nice as he is’ until he got the truth of it. Things that stumbled on his way had been great teacher and he knew sooner he ought to  reconsider himself. He had always meant to be nice guy in the alley. Lived with self assumed theory. If they get bad, go bad. Be nice, every one is nice to you. No, even if you are nice, sometimes most of them are bad.
He reached for his overcoat pocket and took out a cigar. He enjoyed the puff. He felt he was not alone. As he turned around he saw a woman approach him with delicacy of walk, but solemn face, an ice cold eyes and dark smile flittering across her lips.
‘Lucille’ , She introduced as she held her hand to him. She withdrew as he did not intend to welcome this gesture.
‘This is the place I love.’ Bending over the railing she turned to look at him. Tall, well built, heavy and square jaw. ‘Not bad’. She thought.
‘been down lately? Huh? Mr….’
‘Ron. I hate to talk to strangers.’ He puffed one more, turned around and walked away.
Lucille smiled.
Three days later, Lucille spotted him near a lake, on a fishing trip. She wondered if coinciding translated something.
They did not talk. Just few stares and gazes.
After a week, Ron almost ran over her in a pub and ended with sharing vodka, and then sharing everything that haunted him and the way he became a toy to play with. When the place became thick with smoke, he felt it is time to go back home. They did. In their own cars.
Liam Doherty and Liz MacDonald found that there existed a mismatched emotions since they married. Five years of struggle zeroed on their first impulsive decision to marry. Both of them had their reasons. Liam took to the decision following his estranged relation with Lucille and Liz wanted a man who she can make to dote on her coz she had sniffed and tasted men and found they all are assholes. Nothing seemed smooth ever since.
Liam scuttled along the pathways. He felt he missed Lucille. A car almost whizzed past him and woke him from the reveries of Lucille. Holding his coat closer, he stepped on the main road and crossed it hurriedly. He stood outside the  Shaft. He was about to go in when he noticed Lucille with a man coming out of the bar. They stopped near Lucille’s car and hugged good bye and drove off in different cars.
Nothing pains so much as to see your love being driven away from you. A separation would never define the end of the feeling. Yes, it stays. Forever. A pain in the ass. And you have got to take it. Willingly or unwillingly. Liam felt uneasy. Very uneasy.
He moved towards telephone booth. Dialed a number and brought the receiver to his ears. Waited for the reply.
‘who is it?’ Liam felt a shiver. It had been long since he heard her voice.
‘Er..Liam. Driving? Eh?’
‘Are you spying on me or what?
‘No. Just a bit of the sound. I guess.’ He hung up.
A smile of victory flitted across her lips.
After break up with Liam, Lucille fell in love with many men. One after another, kicking her shoes off, tasting orgasms of variety, just for one ever lasting relationship. The hunt went on and so did her frustration. All men are bastards. Dickhead, SOB. She began to feel empty and only Liam floated to fill that emptiness. But alas, only float that seemed betraying her feelings. The urge goaded her to madness. She must get him back.
She had studied men. One thing is common among them. Jealousy. Love or no love, they don’t have the balls to share their woman with any man. It burns their asses like acid. She needed a subject. A target. Ron came the right away. The perfect match of time and her goal.
The ‘Keggers’ at O’Brien is much awaited thing in the county. His kegs, as they say stored the finest beer. O’Brien never lost a chance to show and gather eyebrows that spelt how much he or she enjoyed the taste of it. He traded with pride and his income soared every year. He did not mind sharing it with his county people. Ron and Lucille arrived in Ron’s Black Lotus Elise. Ron is seen walking with great struts whenever he pulled over his Lotus Elise. Liam had expected a company with her. It burnt him like fire. He thought he needs to talk. Couples of years back, he had danced with her with kegs sprawling all over the place. ‘My woman, my woman, my wife’ played at the background and they swayed in each others arms feeling the warmth of each others breath.
He was looking at the two. Perfect in each others arm. ‘I cant believe that you’ve stopped loving me’ got him going insane. He began to boil over. Over and over again.
‘Oh god!  I cant take it anymore.’
He jumped from his seat and headed towards the couple. He lifted his right arm and threw a blow at Ron. He fell down, cursing, trying to know what had happened, while Liam caught Lucille’s arms and dragged her out of the crowd.
‘So, you wanna play? Huh? Come straight. I have been a sucker all my life. Wanna know what I have got it here?’ He hit his bosom loudly. He looked badly frustrated.
‘It’s you goddam. You bitch!’
He turned his gaze and panted. She felt something rising in her chest. She felt she would choke on her tears.  All these years she yellowed into hopelessness. Now the rain seemed it would never stop. Invigorating rain. Soothing rain. Peaceful rain.
She ran to him and placed her lips on his. It was passionate, warm. She melted in his arms.
Now she would never let him go. Not at any cost.
Ron felt moistness in his eyes as he watched them entwine. He was raged now. Raged to kill. Both of them. But it was not the right time to react. He needed time to think.
Betrayed, fooled, he sat at the bar. Every time he thought of Lucille it was like tearing pain. He gulped down the last sip of vodka and stood up. He was driving to Lucille’s place. He tried to stop thinking about her. Greater he tried, with all the more force it returned. Returned to torture him.
Then he changed his mind. After half an hour he was driving towards South Downs. The place where it all began. He dialed a number.
‘Lucille, gotta go to Reading. One weeks official trip. Thought to have a go with ya before leaving.’
‘Well. I’ll be there.’
Lucille thought his visit may sort out the pieces. When he arrives Reading, she would open up. After all Ron is a nice guy. That is why she drove all the way on his call.
Liam stopped munching his bun at Richies when he saw Lucille drive in the direction of South Down. His eyebrows narrowed. Without giving second thought he decided to follow her.
Lucille hugged Ron the moment she arrived at South Downs. He felt like he was holding a dirty piece of shit. He reached for his gun. Bang of the gun tore into the silence. Lucille shivered for a moment and then she went motionless. He let her go. She flopped on the ground, dead and gone.
Sheriff Alec Campbell looked into the direction of sound. Then he ordered his men to follow him.
Liam was shocked to pieces. He wanted to howl. He saw his Lucille fall on the ground. Few moments passed. Then siren pushed him off from the bewilderment. He looked at the man, lifted his gun and pulled the trigger.
By Man. S.

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