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by Jennyj
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--the further adventures of Ripley
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You must BEGIN your piece with the following line:

The rabbit jiggled and wiggled its smallish-sized nose . . .


The rabbit jiggled and wiggled its smallish-sized nose,
and Ripley, Cat Princess, got frightened and froze!
Oh, what COULD this be, she cried out with alarm;
But the bunny just jiggled and winked straight at her with charm.

Now, The Ripple had ever only seen CATS!
And this was no cat, she was quite sure of that!
On top of it all, her cat-friends were all BRATS—
So she stared as the bunny wriggled just where it sat!

The rabbit was a small one, just like its nose was,
and small Ripley was tiny, all sinew and fuzz.
And frightened and timid, she started to buzz—
But manners overcame her—that’s not what she does!

They sat till they slept, both lulled by the sun!
Both so shy and drowsy, they forgot to have fun/

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