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This week's assignment: Being Holy and how far we come on this adventure.
I really love writing for this adventure. It is great. I feel so close to God and Jesus. We are talking about being holy for this week's assignment among other topics. Holy means living a life pleasing to God and being righteous. Being devoted to God, your faith and the church. I am devoted to God but I am not holier then thou. I need God's help every day to become a better person. When I was younger, I was a holy terror at times but I don't behave like that anymore. I am boring. I work, clean house, scrapbook, watch my soaps as well as other TV Shows. I write and go shopping. I don't drink, smoke or do anything illegal. I do get mad and I need God to help me be more patient and think positive clean thoughts. I try go to church on my weekends off . I love God and try to be a holy person. I consider my church holy and I own 2 Bibles and they are holy. I love hearing about the holy lands where Jesus walked and lived. I love to read devotional books so I can be inspired and be holy. I love reading and writing for this Lenton Adventure.

My character is Mary Magdalene. I feel like I know her real well. She was devoted to Jesus and loved him. A question Bud asked: Why did Mary Magdalene act towards Jesus as she did? She loved him. He cleansed her of her sins and saved her from being stoned for her relationships with men. No man had ever been that nice to her. She thought he was perfect and she loved him and was devoted to him. She wanted others to believe in him and love him like she did. She knew he was perfect. He taught her how to have a better life and be free of sin.

Saul was killing believers like having them thrown to hungry lions. Roman soldiers were a threat to believers. It would have been hard to be around them. Walking with Jesus, I wouldn't have been afraid. Pilate didn't seem to care what Jesus did until Roman soldiers and non believers felt he was a threat. How could anyone doubt Jesus after all the miracles he performed? He helped everyone as well as loved and cared about them.

On this adventure, we have Amos, a non-believer but I think he is seeing Jesus as a holy man and he is starting to believe. Hope is believing as well. Mary Magdalene likes Amos and she sees a caring man who wants to believe in Jesus. As Mary Magdalene, Jesus is perfect and she knows that others will love him and believe. With Jesus, the adventurers won't starve and staying in caves doesn't bother her or the rest of the adventurers.

Christian. What does this mean? It means of Jesus Christ or his teachings.Of or adhering to the religion based on Jesus Christ. A Christian. To be more like Jesus. Keep the ten commandments and don't do anything that is a sin. Be holy and love everyone and let everyone know you love God and Jesus. For years, I have been saying I am trying to be a Christian but now I feel that I am a Christian. I am far from perfect but I keep trying. I pray, believe in Jesus and defend him. I am one of his followers like I am on this adventure. I will follow him to the end .No matter what anyone says, you can't have too much religion. This is why I joined the adventure and I am learning more about Jesus. Thanks for reading.

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Beautiful Mary Magdalene and Jesus Poser by best friend Angel

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