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by Dr. ET
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Whether you win or not, it matters that you tried. Be not afraid, insert title here.
Insert Title Here

“I am always fascinated with rainbows. Here I am, just a teenager, trying to climb it. I am scared…”

It was one very important night for Deus Williams and all the other competitors- the international finals. The writers were given just one hour to complete two poems, 30 minutes for each.

In the room where the contest was held, Deus remembered how he would make poems at school during free time. He remembered all the praises he received about his works. The very reason he was in California that night, representing the Philippines in the poetry making competition. But he felt uncertainty.

“What if I can’t beat them?” he thought. “What if I lose?” Then he looked at his opponents. He knew they were all good, they were chosen from countries like New Zealand and America, way bigger than his home country. He saw the confidence in their faces, the faces that showed their assurance that they would pass with flying colors.

“Flying colors…” Deus said to himself with a chuckle. “I am always fascinated with rainbows. Here I am, just a teenager, trying to climb it. I am scared…scared that I won’t shine as much as the other rainbows out there, scared that I won’t be able to stand out when everyone has already stood…”

Seven minutes left, Deus saw the competition paper, still empty, the only things on it were the pre-printed words, “Write your name here”, “Write your country here” and “Insert Title Here”. But with a smile on his determined heart, Deus picked up his pen and began writing. He no longer feared failure. He no longer wanted to be the best of all. He just wanted to do his best, and that’s most valuable thing someone can muster for the pride of his home.

The poems were collected and the judges decided. The 130 participants were called and the judges named the top ten winners. Deus was not the champion. He did not even win 3rd, 5th or 10th…he was the 2nd placer. Joy filled his heart but something else did too, confidence, something that helped him greatly through the rest of his writing career and his life.

“Before a man is confident that he can ride, he must first be confident that he can fall.”

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1765909-Insert-Title-Here