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Jennifer and Megan party with the gypsies.
Megan picked out an everyday dress for the gypsy party. It was blue with a tie up sash. She hoped that she and Jennifer weren't making a mistake. She and Jennifer wanted an adventure and they sure had one with their gypsies, balls and men. Megan had a husband in the present and two boyfriends. How did life get so complicated?

Just then Vicki came to Megan's room and announced that she had a visitor. Jennifer was downstairs with Zalita. Zalta had several colored skirts and peasant tops. Megan smiled at Zalita.

"Hey, Megan. Look at the cool clothes Zalita bought us." Jennifer was all excited.

"Cool? They don't feel cool or warm." Zalita was puzzled.

Megan looked at the clothes. There were blue skirts, red ones, green ones and purple ones. Megan was in Heaven! She picked out three different purple colored ones and a couple of slips that went under the skirts. Jennifer picked out a red one, dark blue one and green one.

"Thanks, Zalita." Megan really liked her.

"You are welcome." Zalita had on skirts of green, purple, blue, red and orange and a blue top. She wore a red scarf on her head but most of her black hair hung out along with big gold hoop earrings in her ears. She wore rings on all her fingers. Zalita was a true gypsy. Megan and Jennifer envied her.

"You girls can do anything you like with the men but if they do something you don't like, let me know. I will take care of it." Zalita liked Megan and Jennifer and they liked her.

"Thanks, Zalita." Megan said. Zalita kissed Megan's cheek and did the same to Jennifer. She invited Vicki and Bill.

"Can you believe this?" Jennifer was all smiles.

Megan started singing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Jennifer was singing Dark Lady. Gypsies. They were a trip by themselves.

Jennifer and Megan got dressed and they looked like gypsies. Megan put a purple scarf on her head and let her red hair hang down. Jennifer had a blue scarf on with her dark hair hanging out. Megan swayed and the different purple colored skirts swirled as did Jennifer's skirts of blue, red and green. Jennifer decided to put an orange one as well. She had a bright red top on and Megan had a bright lavender one on. The skirts were so comfortable. Megan and Jennifer wanted to dress like this all the time.

Vicki and Bill were going to Bath for supper. They said they would go over to the gypsies camp later.

Megan and Jennifer were in a good mood. If Bradley and Miles saw them like this, they wouldn't be happy but they were in London. Otherwise, they wouldn't be goinjg to the gypsy party.

The women decided to go to the party. They walked out of the house to the woods and could hear the gypsies playing their fiddles and violins.

"Are you ready for this?" Jennifer asked.

"I think so. Don't Manolito and Calin have gypsy girlfriends?"

"I don't know. They don't hug on any other girls except us. Would we be jealous if they did?" Jennifer asked.

"I suppose I would be. I can't keep juggling three men. I only called on the gypsies so Angel and Gretchen could go home. I wander how long they will they stay."

Just then Manoilito and Calin saw them.

"You looked like a gypsy Princess. I bow to you." Manolito bowed then went down on his knees. Megan laughed.

"Get up!" Megan thought she saw Johnny Depp every time she looked at Manolito. She had a crush on him no doubt.

Calin took Jennifer's hand. "My beautiful flower. You are the spirit of my soul." Calin bowed to Jennifer.

"Hello Calin." Jennifer smiled.

"Dance with me, my Dear." Calin turned on the charm and Jennifer went into his arms as they started to dance. The gypsies made beautiful music and knew how to play fiddles and violins.

Megan loved dancing with Manolito. He was wearing a bright orange shirt and red pants with a red striped scarf. He did look handsome. Calin was wearing black skin tight pants with a gold shirt unbuttoned half way down. Jennifer could expect no less out of Calin. His hands were all over her but she put his arms on her waist. She told him they had better stay there. Calin laughed and swung Jennifer around.

"Where is your cowardly man? " Manolito asked Megan as he held her tight.

"He is in England. He isn't a coward. He is a good man." Megan answered.

"Rich man. He can buy you the moon." Manolito gave Megan his devilish smile.

"We aren't going to discuss Miles. He loves me."

"I love you, my Princess." Manolito stopped dancing to kiss Megan.

Megan didn't answer. She liked kissing Manilito. Maybe this was more then a crush.

The moon was bright and the wolf howled.

"Does your father have to howl so much? Megan asked.

"Father, be quiet." Manolito laughed.

The wolf ran over to Megan and licked her hand. She stopped dancing and hugged the wolf.

"You like my father?"

"I do. His howls are so eerie. I would love to have him for a pet. I would get used to his howling. The wolf licked Megan's face.

"Where is Rich Man?" asked Calin.

"On business in London."

"The big city. They aren't very nice to my people."

Jennifer laughed. "You steal their money, beat them at cards and probably take their children."

"Their money and cheat at cards, yes. Their children? No. They are spoiled whinny brats. Gypsy children are more loving and show respect. You could have babies with me. Calin kissed Jennifer and started to touch her where he shouldn't. Jennifer lifted her hand up to slap him.

"Alright. I will behave. Do you want to smoke?" Calin asked.

"Yes, I would love to." Jennifer went to sit by the fire.

Megan saw Jennifer and went to sit beside her and the wolf followed her and sat beside her.

"I think you made a good trade." Jennifer laughed.

"I like him. He can be my pet." Megan smiled.

Manolito sat down by Megan and light up a cigarette. He offered a puff to Megan. It didn't smell like tobacco or taste like it. Megan took a drag. This bought back memories of the 70's.

Calin was smoking a cigarette and sat by Jennifer and gave it to her. She puffed on it. SHE KNEW WHAT THIS WAS AND MEGAN DID,TOO.

Megan looked up in the sky and saw witches. They looked like Samantha and Endora of Bewitched and Angelique of Dark Shadows. Megan shook her head.

Just then the vampires sat across from her and she got concerned. Manolito smiled. "They won't hurt you."

The vampires were drinking tomato soup. Megan thought: WHO WAS SHE TRYING TO KID? At least they weren't drinking or sucking her or her friend's blood.

"Jennifer, do you see TV witches in the sky? Those vampires? What are they drinking?"

"What? I see white dragons, blue unicorns and green and pink fairies in the sky As for the vampires, as long as they aren't drinking on me, I won't worry about them." Jennifer giggled.

Calin started kissing Jennifer and Manolito was kissing Megan. Jennifer and Megan were too high to care. About the time, the men tried to take their tops off, they had passed out!

"What the h---?" Jennifer exclaimed. Manolito and Calin had both passed out. Megan and Jennifer didn't know if to be relieved or disappointed. This party was over.

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