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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1766515
The planet Ash is completely covered in land, lakes speckle it's face.
        The planet Ash, is larger than that of our planet Earth, and is completely covered in land, a few sparse lakes are scattered abroad the face of the planet.  At those lakes you find most of the population of the planet.  The main races of Ash are D’na, Forest Elves, Mountain Dwarves, Teraphim, and Wisps.  The aggressive races of Ash are Mountain Elves, Stone Dwarves, and Pixies.  The forbidden races of Ash are the Daemos, and Serpentine.  The extinct races of Ash are Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and the Aquoi.
         The surface of Ash has been scared by numerous wars, the last and greatest war of all, that is before our story begins, is the Great Ash War.  The results of this war had harsh consequences.  The war resulted in the extinction of the Humans the main race of Ash, Elves the keepers of the White magic, Dwarves, the ‘rock men’ and miners of the world, and the Aquoi the supreme race of Ash.  The Aquoi are the people of the seas.  They are the first beings of the planet Ash.  They are the keepers of the Light magic.  Although the Aquoi are dependant upon righteousness to live, when they fall into wickedness they fall and perish and in turn die.
         There was one Aquoi who loved the art of Dark magic, or the magic of the Daemos and Serpentine, whom necromanced a new race into existence, the Humans.  These Humans were a greedy and a prideful race, an imperfect race.  They scared the land of the Aquoi.  The Aquoi was dying away.  The Aquoi Necromancer that summoned the Humans to Ash, his name was Isaac and his title is the Dark.  To maintain the land of the Humans, an Aquoi Prophet named Leland, conjured a race to Ash that was stronger than the Humans, the Elves.
         The Elves were a well-trusted race, they were entrusted with the knowledge of the white magic, they used that gift to suppress the Humans.  Soon there was neutrality between the three races and a pack was made, and there was peace in Ash.
         Isaac the Dark, found no position in the demonic race of the Daemos, and was again cast out.  Angry with both his own race and what he thought would be his brothers.  He necromanced yet another race into Ash.  He took some boulders and gave the boulders breathe of the world, and thus were the Dwarves born.  Isaac led an onslaught with his Dwarves against the Daemos and Aquoi, the Dwarves prevail over both the Daemos, Humans, Elves, and Aquoi.  But he was defeated again, this time the Prophets of the Aquoi captured him in a crystal, and was hidden away from the world deep within a cave.
         As a punishment to the Dwarves, the Aquoi banished them to work in the caves of Ash to mine for treasures and to live there for the bulk of their lives, as guardians of the crystal.
         Time goes on and on in peace, but soon a new and mysterious race emerges from the caves of the Dwarves, a green scaled race.  They made alliance with the Daemos and led an attack against a Human settlement, and thus began the Great Ash War.
         The War came down to one Aquoi and the Chieftain of the mysterious race.  They fought and warred against each other.  Magic of all sorts filled the air, soon a large maelstrom of energy mutated all the races.  The Aquoi were defeated, the Humans were defeated, the Elves were defeated, and the Dwarves were defeated.  Complete extinction of the races.
         The remaining survivors of Ash of all the remaining races went their separate ways, and lived with others of their same kind.  The mutated humans gathered together in the deserts, their skin was glittery with the sands of the planet they called themselves the D’na.  Other Humans were completely wasted, they were nothing but skin and bones, but they were stronger than the normal Humans, they gathered together at the lakes of the planet and called themselves Wisps.  Some remaining Elves gathered in the forests, their love began to be the trees and animals.  Other
Elves gathered in the mountains, their love began to be the riches of the world.  The Dwarves that remained in their caves became known as the Mountain Dwarves.  The Dwarves that fought in the war gathered together in the tundras, they called themselves Stone Dwarves.  The Daemos that remained in their territory are still known as Daemos.  The Daemos that fought in the war gathered together in the high mountains and called themselves Teraphim.  The beloved Aquoi withered away and shrunk to almost nothing, the remaining survivors called themselves Pixies.  The remaining mysterious race called themselves the Serpentine, and live deep within undisturbed forests.
         The creatures and barbaric races of Ash went all corrupt, Trolls of all sort, Goblins, Gremlins, Ogres, Wyrms of all sort, and Fae of all sort are few and on the edge of extinction.
         The country side of Ash has changed, and all in the matter of two hundred years since the creation of Humans.  Peace now prevails and has for basically a thousand years, but will it last?
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