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What I have learned on this adventure about Jesus and what he means to me.
This has been quite an adventure and I am learning a lot as I forget a few things about Jesus from my earlier Sunday School Education. This is where I am.

Jesus came to earth as a baby born in a stable in Bethlehem. He is the savior and the three wise men came to see him. Jesus' mother was Mary and he was raised by Mary and her husband Joseph. He is the King Of Kings and King Of The Jews. We celebrate his Birthday at Christmas every year. My favorite Christmas songs are: Do You Hear What I Hear? and Little Drummer Boy. These songs make me feel like I was there when he was first born.

Jesus was baptized by John The Baptist and John paved the way for Jesus. Jesus came here to save us and teach us about love, peace, Heaven and came to save us. Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert but he resisted him even though he was thirsty, hungry and miserable. Jesus had thirteen disciples and several followers. Not everyone loved Jesus but he loved them anyway. He performed several miracles and won more followers. He never gave up on anyone and considered everyone worthy of love and being saved. He taught forgiveness and reminded us to keep the ten commandments. He taught us about God.

I watched The King Of Kings and this made me love Jesus more. This is how it was for Jesus and you could look in his eyes and see that he loves you and is sincere. I always cry when Jesus is crucified on the cross. How could the Roman soldiers be so cruel and not believe he is the son of God? I am glad he loved us enough to endure this awful punishment.

With Easter Sunday coming up, I appreciate and love Jesus more then I ever have. This adventure has made me read devotions more and look into the Bible. I appreciate all the miracles he performed. He is special.

My character in the adventure is Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saved her from being stoned, I felt like she did when I thought of things I did years ago that was wrong. When she cried at the end realizing that Jesus had rose out of the tomb and she couldn't touch him, {I watched this in the movie King Of Kings}, I was crying, too. Being in character as Mary in this adventure makes me love and appreciate Jesus more. He loves us all and I am glad he does. I hope who ever reads this feels the same way. Jesus is the way to Heaven. I will always worship him.

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Beautiful Mary Magdalene and Jesus Poser by best friend Angel

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