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VIRTUE: Self-Sacrifice

         She glides down the street on a well-worn skateboard --- right foot steady in front, left foot in the rear, then a rhythmic step down and a long push back. Her eyes mark a path along the sidewalk ahead as she navigates pedestrians. Silky black hair flowing behind her, the morning air reaffirms her soul. She races to the Second Avenue terminal with a glow on her face, grinning in glee. This is her favorite part of the day.
         A train whistle blows its tune in the distance, a willful child darts in front of her and abruptly she redirects the board. The child scurries away. Another block down and she hits her mark, grabs the board and runs down steps to the subway. Quickly paying for a pass, she stands in line for the eastbound A-train.
         Once onboard, she takes a seat, removing her backpack with a zip, zip. She takes out a bright red apple and a textbook on anatomy and physiology. Biting into the apple and sucking up its juices, she uses this time to refreshen her memory.
         When the train reaches her stop, she again traverses the crowd and takes the stairs to the street above. Slinging backpack in place, she drops her board and begins making her way down another sidewalk toward a large stately brick building --- the Eleanor Roosevelt School for Girls.
         At the corner, the walk-sign flashes. Down the curb, she proceeds to cross the street. Then abruptly, a dedicated female crossing-guard pushes her back and a broken down Ford truck runs the light, striking and tossing the guard into the air and onto the sidewalk. A hush falls as anguish permeates the intersection of bystanders. Kneeling before the damaged, unmoving guard, the skateboarder shouts, Somebody ---- call 9-1-1. She checks for a pulse and starts CPR on the guard while the crowd forms a protective barrier around them.
         In minutes, the paramedics arrive and take over. In a flurry, the young guard is transported to Washington General while policemen secure the scene and question witnesses. At mid-morning, the truck driver and skateboarder give full statements, the scene clears and the corner assumes an ominously vacant normalcy.

Word count: 379
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