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The veil thins! a picture Prompt 3rd in Night,Night Contest

Darkness descends first on the eastern shore.
Rock faces, gold, as the last kiss of sun pales.
All the earth, creature, stone and water, still
as the last warm breath of daylight exhales.

A mist arises in the fading light
to blur the edges bounding the two worlds
of the here now and the just out of sight.
Fairy folk appear as their realm uncurls.

Flickering lights from fairy fires show
Wings in the air and water nymphs at play,
Elfin feet tap dancing lively on shore.
From the rocks they hear the unicorn bray.

In the shadows of pines, tree sprites flutter
Rock trolls awake to roll like beating drums.
Mermaids sing lyrics to stir sleeping stars.
In the silence of night, new creation hums.

Prompt was a picture of northern rocky shore at sundown.
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