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Good vascular workout .... ..

                "Trina Bronson!" the voice shouted like a hammer on wood.
      Trina fell out of bed. She had been drinking heavily and smelled
      of beer and peanuts. It was 3:00 am. Trina stumbled about in her
      Smurf jamies. "Hi! This is your who-ha!" the voice shouted again.
      Trina looked inside her jamie pants. There was a tiny Elf waving up
      at her. Trina was too hung over to scream, "wha-ar-you?"
                "Last night after you had sex with all the men in the bar.
        You went out to the parking lot and found me in the trash can you
        threw up in. I crawled inside your saucy hooch." the Elf responded
        with a wink. Trina reached down her jamies and pulled him out.
        She placed the Elf on her dresser and went to take a shower.
        The Elf followed. The radio clicked on, "Hi and good morning!
        This is Manny in the Morning! There was laughter ."  Trina opened
        her mouth and swallowed the shower spray and then spit,
        "Drop dead." The Elf jumped to his feet, "Okay!" There was a thump
        on the broadcast and screams, "Get an ambulance!"
              "Did you just kill Manny?" Trina asked blurry eyed.

              "Yup!" the Elf clicked his heels.

        Trina toweled off and went back to bed.

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