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What is Love, and who is it for?
Ask yourself something real quick. What would you do if the person who you love doesn’t love you? What would you do? What can you do? What will you do?
These are very easy questions yet all fail to answer. We make them hard on our self. I know that personally. Know what that is like. And I know what you are thinking. How would she know? She is only thirteen. Yes I know I am “too young for love.” Am I really? Please I won’t argue if someone showed me the book: “Rules of love.” and if someone showed me the chapter age. Were it says the age limit and restriction. But then again I don’t even think there is a book like that out there, and if there was who would be the author? Again I think these are all good questions.
But then again I am not here to argue anyways. I am just here to tell you if you love, or like someone you need to do something. I like this boy. I am always thinking about him. He is so cute and smart and al lot of other things. There is just one problem: He might be going out with someone. I am to scared and afraid to even be friends with this guy. His friends and maybe girlfriend scares me. And the main reason is because of my number one insecurity. I am overweight.
I think that is my only problem. I could probably go by really well if I didn’t look the way I do. I mean I can but because of this I can’t.
It doesn’t have to be about your weight but there is something behind the reason that you don’t want to open up. I will tell you what’s wrong.
Okay first of all I am not telling you jump in head first in a relationship, but don’t wait too long or it will be uncomfortable to go further. But this paper is not for people who are friends and are looking for a boost up. It is for the people who are too afraid to say anything.
First question:
What would you do if the person you like and or love likes or loves someone else?
You know what I would do? I am not here to tell you what I would do. I am here to tell you what you need to do.
Take a chance! If you really did care about that person you would at least take a chance to say hi to him/her. Take your time. Go in your own comfortable pace. No one is rushing you. But remember you don’t want to take forever to where it is uncomfortable to go further.
I know what you are thinking again. You are thinking: But what if he/she is going out with someone. Don’t assume things unless you really know. Don’t be stalking him/her everywhere though. Just take the little subtle hints and try to talk to people without making it obvious that you want information.
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