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I am writing to let you know how I'm feeling about your offer.
Dearest Tara,

I am writing to let you know how I'm
feeling about your offer.

It starts with my first free reading,
which after receiving, I enjoyed the
feeling of hope, agreed to your offer of
help and to compensate you over three payments.

I am unemployed without benefits.

My financial state does not allow for any
extra bills.

I feel irresponsible and
guilty for having already spent money on
this personal desire for help.

I would love nothing more than for you to
help make my life more peaceful.

At this time I feel very much stress from
knowing you are enticing me with yet
another offer of help with an even larger
cash price attached to it.

I would be interested in accepting your
telepathic help, however; due to the big
price on this service, I do not feel this
is as personal as it should be.

I sense that
it seems more like I could send this letter
to many other people and the result may be
that I will also have people sending me
compensation money, for my ... Help...

I was under the impression, that for the
amount I am paying, you were going to help
me a few more times.

I am beginning to understand , no one
asking for so much money from people who
are financially inept, really helps..

This make stress grow and the good feelings
become wishful thinking, which is not reality.
Therefore, I will not be able to accept
your offer of  telepathic help.

I give to many people, lovingly without
expectation, because I truly love to help
make the world a better place.

If someone I help offers a donation, I can
appreciate this as an extended means of
showing appreciation and respect.
If you are anything like me you would feel
me with your empathy and understand what
I'm trying to communicate without becoming

Respectfully yours,

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