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by Kevin
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Article from Chicago Flame (http://www.chicagoflame.com) about new Dunkin Donuts on campus
UIC runs on Dunkin:
Dunkin Donuts Comes to Pier Room

Ah, coffee. Except for those who prefer monster or somehow manage to get enough sleep, many students depend on their daily cup of java to get through the day. Fortunately for these students, a new Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins will be opening up inside the Pier Room in Student Center East. Though the grand opening date is uncertain, the new Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins will be completed by winter break's end.

At first I asked whether or not students were aware about the Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins before construction and thanks to the franchises' announcing beforehand many students were aware. However, around half of those interviewed did not know that the Dunkin Donuts would also be a Baskin Robbins, which was welcome news for them. As for being excited about the changes, Mo, a senior, summed up the common mentality: "It's long overdue." Many students expressed that they look forward to the ice cream, the meal choices, and especially the coffee.

Sophomore Diana Giliberto mentioned that because she was a commuter, "this was the first time I've actually sat in here and that Dunkin Donuts will change that." She isn't alone; I also asked if students plan to come to the pier room more often. The responses were split between a little bit and definitely, so the new stores will also bring in more crowds.

The concerns for the Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins were minimal. As Richard, a freshman, responded, "I could see how some people might say that [health concerns], but people are going to eat what they're going eat. You could just as easily walk next door for donuts."

Although the issue of the Pier room being crowded was raised, it was still pretty small and some even said more people will make the room more sociable. As for looking forward to the franchises moving in, people were most excited about the new options coming in, including future employment opportunities.

Hamza Saleem, a second year grad student for Architecture stated that his biggest concern is what the franchises will do to the small coffee shops on campus, most notably the DesCartes Café just below the Pier Room.

He expressed concerns that in a few years, "every store on campus will be some kind of corporation."

Most students, however, either did not worry too much about small shops or agreed with the notion that students will appreciate franchises.

Similarly, junior Emmett Burton, responded "It's good that there's going be competition. It's going to be better for business." He then laughed and corrected "Well, it'll be better for students"

For more exact details on the store opening, Rob Rouzer, Director of Campus Auxiliary services noted that the Grand Opening is expected to occur sometime before winter break is over.

However, due to issues with construction, there is currently no exact date. Rouzer added that the new franchises would be "good for the campus, and good for the community." Rouzer concluded by reassuring me that Dunkin Donuts and UIC are anxious to open the store and are pushing as hard as they can to do so. The manager of Café Descartes was unavailable for questions regarding the opening of new franchises that could potentially take away business.

Whether you look forward to the Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins or are anxiously anticipating it, the franchises are coming to UIC, and soon. The new variety of food, especially the new and cheap coffee, are exactly what UIC students want, and they are not shy about it. Despite the small yet legitimate concerns for the openings, students and faculty will get to enjoy some "long overdue" coffee and ice cream.
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