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Information on how to get credit from both SAJ and Anniversary Reviews
I have new and very exciting news! We have "partnered" with "Anniversary Reviews. In doing so you can now get credited twice for any reviews done from our shower list if the showeree has an account birthday this month.

Let me explain "Anniversary Reviews a bit first. This is a group who does reviews for anyone having a WDC account birthday during the current month. Now, if someone on our Review List has an account birthday during the current month, there is a way to get credit from SAJ as well as from Anniversary Reviews. We are going to put a star beside those names that qualify for Anniversary reviews. By the way, you can easily check that on ANYONE you review by simply hovering your cursor over their case. It should show you when they joined WDC. By doing that simple little check, you can increase your review credits for much of what you review.

There are rules, of course. In order to get credit from SAJ, you MUST affiliate your review with Showering Acts of Joy. All that Annette requires of you is that you put the following statement at the top of your review. Please copy it and use it exactly as it is written. (I've created a special template for myself.)

{center}{e:candleb}{c:red}{b}HAPPY WDC ACCOUNT ANNIVERSARY FROM {item:anniversary}{e:candlev}{/b}{/c}{/center}

which yields:

*Candleb*HAPPY WDC ACCOUNT ANNIVERSARY FROM "Anniversary Reviews*Candlev*

You will need to post the review link in both the SAJ forum and the Anniversary Reviews forum in order to get credit from both groups. Since you are affiliating your review with SAJ, Giselle won't have any way of crediting your review unless you post the review link in her forum.

Just to be clear, you can use this Anniversary Review statement on any review you do as long as the person you are reviewing has an account anniversay during the month you are reviewing them.

Though we prefer that you review from the Review Board first so that our showerees will enjoy their shower in a timely fashion, we know that you will run accross other pieces you wish to review. You are always welcome to affiliate any review with Showering Acts of Joy. You will get credit and GPs for them. However, only the reviews from the Review Board will count toward Rainbow Reviewers Award and Reviewer of the Month Award.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitat to ask Joy, Jen, or myself.

Just two more quick incentives from Anniversary Reviews:

The better the review, the better the reward (That's also true of Showering Acts of Joy reviews.)
15 Reviews per month = a Merit Badge
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