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A conversation between professor and student.
Student -          Let me believe in a paradise where I can compartmentalise my thoughts; never letting one transgress, like a disease causing nothing but destruction to the beauty beheld by another.

Professor -          For that is impossible, your mind is not constructed with the instruments of mathematics. Your mind flows with the unrelenting power of the Amazon, sweeping away any such boundaries. The black river will evoke chaos to construction, leaving you more bewildered than ever before.

Student -          The bed for which this river surges is the product of my own process. Sequences created cannot exist bereft of an author. For surely what one cannot comprehend does not exist? If I have the power to carve the meanders of my mind then surely I have the power to divert such waters into distinguished reservoirs of thought.

Professor - I disagree, such matter that is incomprehensible to Man may not exist to Man’s limited perception. This however does not dismantle the arithmetic of its existence. The developing nature of science leads the masses away from the vast seas of divinity, rendering its hidden pearls undiscovered. The mastery carved by a sharpened point; the stencil to your mind’s blueprint is far supreme to any endeavours comprehendible to Man.

Student -          Wait, are you speculating that I am not standing at the helm of my own destiny?          

Professor -          O dear child, you are but a drunken sailor flapping about the swell.
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