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by Mutiat
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Fantasy · #1767597
Expresses the Writer's love and attraction to a bird,which could not but fly away.

As I was going to the stairs

My steps were steep

Slow and still

I saw a little bird thing sly

It perched at my door space

A little boy asked, as in wonder I stare

Do you want it stay?

It’s beautiful, it’s charming and sweet

It glitters in my eyes so

Its colours a thing of joy to say

How stiff it is, my heart sings

To have it stay and go no long speed

One step, two steps, and away it flew by the third


See it fly, whispered something

In the empty space above it swims

Where you can never see

Will I ever catch it smile?

I ponder and I sob

For the colours in my eyes will not seize

The purple it sparkles

I will never forget the silver

In black and white the body is stripped

The tail fan out with grey so sleek,

White, black and silver shining.

Will it go forever and I am sombre?

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