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This is my entry for week 2 of GOT
The red satin dress with black lace trim twirled around at a rapid pace in the floor length glass case. Its long sleeves stretched out and banged the walls until the glass exploded, spitting out shards all over the room. It jumped out of the container and glided across the room as its petticoats made rustling noises.

"I'm so damn glad to be out of that thing." It stopped in front of a wooden bed and slapped the ragged black blanket.

A woman with snake-like gray hair popped up and stared wide-eyed at the dress. "Ahhhhh! How did you get out of there? That spell was fool proof."

"Enchantments only last so long, and besides, exciting things are going down in Deacon for once. I've been hearing everything that you've been talking about." The left sleeve gestured to her. "This could be a great time for us if you do what I tell you."

The lady furrowed her brows together and placed her wrinkled hand on the side of her face. "How could this be a great time for us? The only thing I want is for me and my family to survive." She crossed her arms and glared at it with her tired gray eyes. "I ought to burn you, so you would never bother me again."

"Burn me like Cydia burned you with those damned eyes off hers. She hurt me too, you know! I have scars also." The right sleeve brushed its singed sweetheart neckline. "I remember what that harlot did just as clearly as you do, Marion."

Her eyes turned red. "Harlot is too good of a word for that faerie. She's nothing but a whore!" Marion slammed the bed with her fists.

"Yes, let that hatred boil inside you. Just think back to that night when she stole your position as mayor of Deacon and your husband, then had those ghouls and zombies to drag us out of our family home, kicking and screaming. After that, she took our beauty away by having those bastards to hold us down in the mud, so she could torch us. Worst of all, you've been sleeping in the bed where Lucifer had his way with Cydia during the last ten years of your marriage." It sat down on the bed by her.

Marion gazed at the dress. "I could care less about Lucifer and Cydia. I'm no longer mad about him leaving me for her. They took the Webster home, my family's home. It has killed me to watch that demon and faerie living in my house. The house I grew up in, and my children grew up in."

"Your friends betrayed you too. Sally Grayson was the main one. The two of you were so close."

Marion shook her head and sighed. "I could care less about that ghoul. I have another ally now."

"You're talking about Morganna, Cydia's mother. How interesting since she had an affair with Lucifer before Cydia did. I think you should go ahead and let her heal you. If it works, you will be beautiful again, and my plans for us will be much easier to come to fruition." The dress slid off the bed.

Marion laid back down. "The sun is still rather bright. I need to sleep for awhile. Morganna is suppose to come over this evening." She closed her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Just rest while I make plans." It turned around and pranced out of the room. "I wonder what Deacon is like now. I think I'll take a walk outside to see what's going on."

The dress waltzed toward the door when a brick sailed threw the window. "What in the hell was that?"

It went outside and glared at a black haired girl, flying around the house throwing bricks and rocks. She wore a pink dress that had slits in the back where her black wings stuck out.

The dress shook its sleeves at the child. "You vile and vicious little girl! Who do you think you are?"

Horns popped out of her head. "I'm Ludia Webster. Whose stupid idea was it to bring a dress to life? What are you doing at the old dinosaur bat's house?" She stared at it with her dark eyes that turned red.

"I belong to the lady of the house." It pointed to itself.

"She doesn't own anything but rags. My mommy had her clothes fried like chicken."

"Are you an offspring of Cydia Webster's?"

"I'm her daughter, dumb ass." Ludia kicked dirt on the dress.

"Come here, child. I think you could help me." It motioned for her to come inside.

"I don't think so. I'm leaving and telling my mommy and daddy. You and that old bat will get it now." Ludia blew fire and threw energy balls toward her, then flew away.

The dress ran inside and slammed the door. "A half-demon, half-faerie child, that's very dangerous. How would one kill something like that? I wonder if she's vulnerable to iron like her mother. I must find out if Lucifer and Cydia have more children." It quickly ran back into the bedroom.

"Marion, you must wake up. I just met an awful child. " It jumped up and down on the bed.

"What are you talking about? What have you been doing?" She slowly sat up, yawned, and stretched. After that, she glanced over at the window and placed her hand over her eyes. "I told you not to wake me up until later."

"I have to talk to you. A child named Ludia threw a big red brick through your window. She also blew fire and threw energy balls at me. The demon spawn had wings like a faerie. She said she was Cydia's daughter, and that she was going to tell her that she saw me."

Marion flung her arms over her head. "Well, that's just great! Why did you go outside? You could have just gotten me. You just screwed with the wrong little girl because she's hell on wheels. Cydia's powers have grown over the last century since you've been asleep. Lucifer will kill for her, and the children she had with him."

"Put me on and go to Morganna. Get your face healed." It hopped off the bed.

"I have to wait until she comes here. She can't know about you yet."

"Why not? I'll be quiet."

"Morganna has reunited with Farian. Well, he's actually Willie Noone now. Farian died in a war and came back as Willie."

"So she married that guy. I thought she was trying to run from him by sleeping with Lucifer."

"Faeries are very complicated and promiscuous. They can be rather violent too. You haven't met her other daughter, Mabon. Mabon and Cydia love going on killing sprees together. Now, do you understand what I'm up against?"

"Oh, quit making excuse, get out of that bed, and be the powerful vamp that I know you can be. Put me on and feel the energy and power that only I can give you. After that, I want you to march over to where Morganna is and have her to heal your face. Then we can take on Deacon, so you can seize your revenge!"

1210 words

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