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The gypsy men aren't as tough and bold as they think.
"Megan, we need to wake their asses up!" Jennifer was so colorful at times.

"What ever was in that stuff we were smoking knocked them into next week!" Megan was laughing.

Jennifer laughed, too.

Zalita came over and looked at the passed out bums. "They give gypsies a bad name! My son and his charming rake friend! Enough." Zalita started dancing and chanting gypsy men are a curse, gypsy men are the worst!" She played her tambourine and threw some powder in the air and it landed on Manolito and Calin. Manolito woke up and his father, the wolf was wetting on his shoe.

"Dang it, father! I stoled them from a fancy, Nancy man in the last town we were in!" Manolito wasn't happy.

The wolf went to Calin and hoisted his leg. Calin jumped up. "Don't even think about it!"

Megan and Jennifer were laughing. Vicki and Bill had just arrived. Vicki and Bill had witnessed all this.

"We are just in time. I love being late." Vicki laughed as she said it. Vicki was carrying cookies and Bill had a bottle of whiskey and playing cards.

"Maybe you men won't think you are so tough. What kind of crap was in that stuff you were smoking? Manolito, your shoes will wash up. You owe the ladies, your dates an apology." Zalita's eyes flashed fire when she was angry.

Manolito bowed and so did Calin. Manolito spoke first. "My Princess, I am sorry I passed out. If we were in bed, well that wouldn't have happened."

"Watch your mouth!" Zalita said.

"Yes, mother." Manolito never talked back to his mother.

"Jennifer, Dear, I drunk too much rum today and that weed we smoked did me in. I won't be groping you tonight. I am trying to stay awake." Calin was dizzy.

Zalita threw dagger looks at him. Calin smiled at Zalita. "I love you like a mother. I love my Jennifer, too. All the women I love aren't nice to me."

The other gypsies had stopped dancing and things were quiet.

"Is this a party or a mourning? Go back to partying." Zalita seemed to be in charge.

Vicki said she was going to the house to get some tea for Manolito and Calin. Vicki always knew what to do. Bill went and gambled with some of the gypsy men and they drank some whiskey.

Zalita left for her caravan wagon.

"Megan, are you alright? I didn't think the smoke ingredients were that strong. I am sorry my love."

"It's alright. I saw witches in the sky. I feel no pain." Megan had enjoyed the scene earlier between Manolito and his mother.

"How about you my Dear? Calin looked inton Jennifer's eyes.

Jennifer couldn't answer. She was feeling high and she wished she could stay with Calin forever.

Finally, she spoke. "I saw dragons and fairies." She giggled. Calin grabbed her and kissed her.

Just then Vicki arrived with tea and coffee and strawberry tarts. Saved by the bell.

Manolito drank some tea and so did Calin and Megan. The other gypsies danced and Megan, Jennifer andf Manolito and Calin danced as well. Just then it thundered. Oh great! Rain was approaching.

The vampires left and the wolf went with them.

"Where do they stay at night?" Megan asked.

"In the woods. Are you worried about them? asked Manolito.

"I don't know. What do they eat?" Megan was curious.

"Leeches." Calin said.

"Yuck! Leeches! How gross!" Jennifer wanted to throw up. She had a thing against leeches and worms where Megan couldn't handle bats, mice, spiders and snakes.

It was lightning but ten minutes passed and still no rain.

Everyone was dancing.Vicki and some of the other gypsy women were getting recipes from each other.

Just then it started to rain and Manolito took Megan to his caravan wagon and Calin took Jennifer to his caravan wagon. The last thing Megan and Jennifer remember was kissing their dates and the next morning Vicki was yelling for Megan and Jennifer. Megan was in Manolito's bed half dressed and Jennifer was in Calin's bed half dressed as well but the looks on Manolito's face and Calin 's a few minutes later looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

"Jennifer! Megan Come back to the house and change your clothes. Miles and Bradley are here. They think I went upstairs to wake you up." Vicki was all anxious.

Jennifer came out of Calin's caravan wagon and Megan came out of Manolito's caravan and looked at each other.

"Oh crap! Megan what happened? Did we?" Jennifer felt numb and hang over and so did Megan.

"Marry me now, my Darling. You were very good." Calin grabbed Jennifer and carrassed her.

"Stop it! Megan, let's go. We are so screwed!"

"Too late for that!" Calin was loving this.

Calin, Jennifer, Manolito and Megan were out of the caravan wagons. Megan and Jennifer ran to the house and took the back stairs. This wasn't going to end well. Did Jennifer and Megan cheat on their boyfriends? What do they do now?

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