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I wrote this about three years ago, after watching Shakespeare In Love
What swells the fury of Heaven's wrath,
And fuels the frozen fire of my soul?
This passion that drives sane men mad,
And beckons them to fly amongst the clouds of their fevered dreams.
Why am I tortured with this serene anxiety and chaotic and frivolous sensation of devotion that is inculcated so severely that my heart is unabashed and lamentful?
I stand in front of a road that forks and these roads burden my soul with the options.
Endless options.
The path North leads me to war, and a great warrior shall I become, vanquishing all that stands before me.
I will have no mortal weakness for I will be endowed with the blood of Achilles.
But with this great power comes no end.
I will be forever trapped within this body without love for eternity.
Shall I cast all thoughts of love and passion to the wind and live forever in the glory of battle?
Or, shall I head East, to the Land of the Rising Sun, where knowledge and the power of the mind prevail over brute force and thirsty weapons?
The Land of the Rising Sun holds the power of pen and ink on high.
Shall I live there, and become lost within endless libraries of the knowledge of ages past?
Shall I come to wither like a Rose in the Sun?
Will I fade as the ink does from the paper?
Or will my soul be pulled West, where the coastal mountains echo with the ageless whispers of love.
Shall I live without pride or honor and only in another
s passion?
Will my soul continue on when it's container does not?
Will my love hold forever as the Moon rides high in the middle of the Night?
Where will I find this true end to this mad existence full of pain and sorrow, of love and happiness?
For the one I love most, the one I hold so dear, feels so far away this sorrowful soul.
I await my love's return, faithfully and patiently, to feel their lips pressed against mine.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1768209