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Strange waking images

              "What are dreams? What is this twilight, between the unconscious
      and conscious mind?" Night of the Demon.

              "Everything in the unconscious seeks outward manifestation, and
      the personality too desires to evolve out of its unconscious conditions and
      to experience itself as a whole." Memories, Dreams and Reflections by

              When I reread Dr. Jung; I keep thinking about his friendship with
      Adolf Hitler. He admired him. It gives me pause. Most of my family was
      exterminated by Hitler's dream.+ But, the book is full of wisdom.

          I've been dreaming about the oceans expanding. It might have something
      to do with my study of a hollow earth theory. Think of the surface as a thin
      balloon filled with water. If you spin it; the balloon becomes oblong. Maybe,
      the Sun is pulling harder on us.

          I have a reoccuring dream about Roger Moore's Bond, being served his
      feet at a banquet. He sits at the banquet table, a silver plate with a silver cover
      is before him. The cover is removed to reveal his feet. Is British intelligence
      crippled? I'm still trying to figure this symbolism out.

          I can have shudders from my dreams that flip me out of bed. A vivid
    image of Jerusalem consumed in a nuclear blast has woken me this morning.
    The sand is turned into a glass crater. I hope this never happens. It would
    mean World War III.

          I need a shave.

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