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What makes a home a reflection of you? There is no place like home, Home,Sweet Home
What make a home a reflection of you? Even though some people are not home person, the majority of us love to be home, a place to relax, to do our things, or just to do nothing.  There are lots of things that turn a simple house into a sweet home that reflect us in many ways, for examples, how is decorated, organized and how it smells. All these three samples are the ones that make a home a reflection of you.

         The decorations of a home reflect a lot about the home owner’s personality.  It would not take too much time to get inside someone’s home,  look around their room’s decorations, wall  paints, family heirlooms and other things  to  discover their personal style and how is reflected all around the home. Professional’s decorators and color advisers do their works base on their clients taste and by adding things to make their clients homes reflect their personalities.

         Another important thing that makes a home a reflection of us is the ways we organize our homes. This can tell a lot about our personality. If a person is not good at having an organized home, usually his/her car or work place is a mess as well and for the contrary if a person is always keep an organized home, his or her car and work place is always organized.

         The way our home smell is another way that reflect our personality and tell us how we express our many sides or moods. For example if a person love to bake; her home usually have a cozy warm sweet smell and loves to talk about sweet things. If a person loves flower smells, usually her home has that welcoming flowery garden that you remember forever.

         Finally, one of the best way to make your home reflects your personality is to be yourself no matter where you are or what you do, so... let’s keep singing the song of John Howard Payne that has been with us for over 150 years  “There is no place like home”.

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