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Death is part of life, it is like a separate entity, that we must all embrace.
Today, April 12, 2011 my mother lost her courageous battle with lymphoma cancer. I received the call from my sister at 6:10 this morning. My mother passed from this life at 5.55 a.m.

Being at the hospital daily was hard but necessary. When God allows a little time with the family before He calls our loved ones home, there is a reason. Some of those reasons include healing for family members, last messages of hope and love, and the chance and time to say goodbye.

For us that remain it is a time of sadness and grief, that we have lost our beloved Mother, and for me I have lost a friend, mother, and prayer warrior.

Many a time I would call her up and ask her to pray for one of my children who needed a miracle, and she would go into prayer immediately, it did not matter to her if she was tired,depressed or even sick, she would pray as we are directed in His Word to pray for one another. She never made excuses that she was burnt out from praying too much, she always made time to pray.

She would love unconditionally, as a Christian woman who tried to please God with everything in her, the way God expects us to.

The last few days of her life she slept most of the time, and when she was awake she would praise the Lord, and thank Him for being wonderful, for being her Savior.

She will be sadly missed on earth, but yet I know without a doubt that she is sitting at the feet of Jesus, worshiping his wonderful and beautiful face.

The following are her words before she passed when I asked her if she wanted to impart any words of wisdom or message to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to come.

April 2, 2011

Soon, very soon my appearance will definitely be acknowledged and documented. It is going to be a huge shock to untold numbers and unknown numbers shall see my face! Some for joy, some for fear, some for rejuvenation and some for great pleasure.

The Love of God is immeasurable. Tell me how do you measure what has no beginning or ending. It begins according to His Will and purpose. He is the first and the last of all creation. He is the Son of all creation. The Son of the Great Creator, the one and only Heavenly Father of all time! The Great I am who is more than worthy of all our praise because He created us, because He loves us more than life itself and wants and desires to shower us with His unending love, and to clothe us with His perfect love and righteousness.

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